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  1. Calm down Stalin, don't send me to a gulag just because I have my own opinion.
  2. By getting ev2 for reflection : /
  3. skip till throne room, put double walls to all 4 chokepoints, make ev reflect wall in front of them then place 3-3-3-3 weapon manufacturers in front of them, they should be upon each other, so it'll kill the melee mobs reallly fast. 2-2 skyguards at each of the crystals. easymode, you have to repair tho
  4. Good for you I guess, it's really boring for me. My friend is at 250 ascension, about 100 of these levels came from chaos 1 and chaos 3 farming for deadly strikes, he is always sending medals on shard packs for deadly strike, but still not a singe one :D
  5. The removal of IPWR and fix stat values on items. That system worked too well. This caotic mess is much more fun and makes me play the game even more.
  6. Gunwitch is only a not too bad dps, ev is much more.
  7. You are right, on short lanes this could get problematic, that's why I prefer standing on the shortest lane wiping everything out with my abyss lord. And yes, with only 2 pdts per lane you have plenty of du left, so you can combine other defenses with it. I usually don't spend that du which is a waste.
  8. I'm sorry but if you enjoy farming the same 4 maps again and again and again for days just to see drops that are 1% better than the current ones you have you are in the minority (in my opinion). I don't really get how anyone could enjoy that while before chaos the campaing loot system is much more fun and rewarding.
  9. Lucky you :D you can't put them behind a wall because their range isn't good enough to hit the ranged mobs from here, they often start hitting a digger instead of a lady orc who is hitting the wall (I've lost many games because of that), they can get crushed by a stomp easily if you somehow provoke an ogre while near them since they aren't in safe range. Their dps is much better than that of a ramster, that's true. You can and should use more than 1 PDT per lane if you wan't to use them only. (which is totally viable and in my opinion much more convenient than using a combanation) The idea is that you place one that starts poisoning the mobs right away when they leave their spawning area, while the second one is much farther on the lane, behind your wall, only to kill the no longer poisoned weakened monsters that didn't die until the first poison came down of them. So the first one is for weakening, the second one is for killing. This was the only way that I could do chaos 5 without repairing mid-wave, that's why I suggest trying it out.
  10. Enhanced Poison shard is from C6 and Explosive Poison C5. The shards you can use for PDT when you first break into C5 will be probably Defense Rate, Destruction and Power Transfer. PDT can do very good damage to that Evil ABC Trio (Assassins, Berserkers, Cyborks), but they are single-target towers without Explosive Poison shard. So you will also need other defenses for AOE damage. Ramsters or flamethrowers are the good choices. If you have Flame Aura or Fissure with large range, you can also build a few beside the lanes, some places not reachable by cyborks. Yup, but attack speed shard is from c3 and he can get the explosive one from shard packs if he has the medals for it, but yeah, he can just skip that one. Also it's not single target, it applies poison to about 3 targets in it's range at one time which is good enough since it'll constantly apply the dot to mobs coming out of the spawner, (pretty fast with the attack speed shard) this way only the strongest few will reach the wall, those can by killed by the second pdt's damage there. Explosive poison isn't needed because of it's dmg (If I remember correctly it does about 50k dmg in chaos 5 which is nothing), it's needed because if a small minion dies it'll make everyone in it's close radius poisoned, refreshing and applying poison to everything. Ramsters are the basic defenses for that difficulty, but while I can easily solo a lane with 2 pdts I have a hard time doing that even with 3 ramsters, he'll have to repair much more often this way because at chaos 5 with about 150 asc he'll have around 40-50k dps/ramster with gambits on and the bigger mobs have more than 2 million health. PDT's poison have about 100k dps with the same medallion and it starts damaging a lot earlier, not only when the mobs are at the wall. Also, ramsters don't help with assassins at all sadly. Flamethrowers are nearly useless in my opinion since sometimes they choose their targets in a really stupid priority, letting lady orcs hammer the walls while trying to kill a digger far behind them. You can of course combine a pdt with a ramster for example, but that's one more medallion needed, 3 more shards, and a second pdt is simply better in my opinion.
  11. well, yes, a dps hero with hero damage ability power and hero health on all items is a must have for anything above c4
  12. https://bugs.dungeondefenders2.com/home
  13. Well, if this is true then I'm really disappointed in them. Any developers' aim should be making their game fun and exciting, not a boring grindfest just so it'd last longer.
  14. Glorious PC Masterrace FTW. I've only read the title
  15. Not quite sure if you are trolling or not, I'll take my chances. build the same for every lane: 1 PDT aimed at the mob spawner entrance 2 walls as far from the mob spawner as you can safely build them 1 PDT behind your walls with high enough range so it won't get hit by the bosses' stomp. +2 skyguard / air lane just to be sure it won't get pummeled to death by the first dragon you'll need a nearly maxed out range gambit on the pdt, shards should be def power, attack rate/poison rate and explosive poison. I'd advise you to farm until you get every one of these shards because the game is much harder with other defenses in c5 since pdt is extremely effective against assassins once you have all these simply equip an abyss lord or monk and stay before your walls, this way if an assassin attacks you your pdts will bombard the hell out of it while you can still stun them and escape if necessary
  16. In my opinion a longer but less fun game is worse than a short but enjoyable one. True, you could easily reach the max level back then, but gearing (even if you was leeching) was much more enjoyable and rewarding than it is now. I enjoyed doing nm1-4 and then farming nm4 till I got the legendaries with the right stat combinations. Now you have to grind for days without the "omg, what a nice relic, it has 2x more def power than my previous one" feeling only to get from one difficulty to another, and then you have to start grinding again for days.
  17. Please read this through before saying something like "git gud", or "stop crying" In my opinion the problem is that they are straying further from the fun game that dd2 was in EA. And by watching the reactions on the forum I can safely say that many people are concerned by the direction this game is headed. Just by looking at the problems several people have stated here it's clearly visible that these are not great flaws, these are things that a simple hotfix could fix, if they wanted to. They are removing QOL features, and when people ask why, they remove something else. My biggest issue is progression right now. Anyone who is really really determined can progress to c7 (after watching some guides, because gearing became overcomplicated) but I don't think casual players would enjoy farming one of four maps again and again for days just to get to the second tier with 4 other maps. The campaign maps are so easy and fun, they just clear map after map without serious difficulties, they can use whatever towers they like then they hit chaos and then they are forced to abandon most of their towers, they must build in a specific way to progress, and all the fun is gone. As I've said determination is the only thing that may drive you here, but definitely not fun. What do you think was more fun and joyful? 1. Entering a new difficulty and after some struggle killing the first boss just to see a relic that's 2 times stronger than the one you had from the first difficulty, and then going on thinking "yaay, this was so great and rewarding" or 2. Entering a new difficulty and after some struggle killing the first boss just to see a relic that's 1% stronger than the one you had from the first difficulty and then going on thinking "okay, If my calculations are correct I'll only have to kill 99 more bosses and then I can move onto the next tier" Maybe it's just me but I really don't see how this would be better for anyone. It may make the game a bit longer, but why if it becomes less fun? Imo grinding in this game should be about finding the loot with the best stat combinations for your build, not about grinding 10 hours until you can finally start looking for the items with the right stat combinations.
  18. Killing bosses and getting the best items of that difficulty was simple. This one is overcomplicated but still understandable. Otherwise you are right.
  19. according to the community upgrading has no effect and even trendy has stated this They said it has no effect in the beginning and end of each tier, so basicly it works in the middle.. so I guess it's a bit like lottery
  20. Well, in reality the gold difference will be somewhere between 1 and 3, so you have to upgrade your trash items if you want to somewhat speed up the progression. So yeah, that's the basic idea. Have a whole useless character in your hero deck at all times, put every trash you get on it and spend all your in-game currency on upgrading those trash items for an otherwise slow progression. Have fun!
  21. Constructive discussion or argument lasts until someone starts talking trash about the other instead of the topic. Sadly on these forums it's really hard to have something like that, thanks to people who only come here to provoke flaming.
  22. There are 3 types of players here. Trendy fanboys, Those who wan't to provoke everybody Those who want to see the game in an enjoyable form. Guess who is who in this topic. you have to equip one specific hero with every item you see dropping, once that one has your new items in every slot you'll start seeing somewhat better gear.
  23. At least you can't see the ipwr of items, or the not randomized stat values, so it's freaking hard for you to prove the problem :)
  24. if you aren't getting new gear ever run, you need to change the gear your wearing or the chaos your playing. It has bee confirmed by the devs that upgrading is only good for progression in the middle of a chaos tier I like how they aren't running out of such terrible great ideas, they are making the game more and more stupid, boring and confusing fun after every illogical wise change.
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