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  1. They can climb Mystic's wall after getting caught in a bubble : / I guess that's what he saw
  2. Sadly english is not my native language, but I'll try to do my best. Let's say you have a character, let's call it a "Mule". You do a chaos run, you put every new item on that Mule, no matter the rarity, no matter the gold value. Once you start doing another run with that Mule every item that drops is better than the one it already had, so you have to change for example the legendary boots on you Mule if you get a green boots drop from a boss. The only thing that matters is item power, which is hidden, and every new item has better item power than the previously equipped ones on your most geared character (which is the Mule if you have every new item on it). If you are dps-ing with a monk you should make a monk mule, because you'll se many monk weapons dropping. Same with any other class. So it's basically: 1. Make a new character (Mule) 2. do a chaos run 3. equip every item that dropped on Mule 4. have that Mule in your deck while you are dpsing with any other hero, you don't have to use the Mule but it has to be in your hero deck 5. after every wave put every new item on the Mule 6. repeat progression will be slow, but you'll se the results. If you happen to get a blue relic for example while having another blue relic on that Mule you'll se that the new one has a bit higher gold value.
  3. Dragolich all the way. only the stats matter for builders, not the pet abilities.
  4. This Haha alright I guess I'll have a character with each rarity. Except for "worn" rarity thx murdash No no no, you need only 1 character, and you equip anything new that drops on it, no matter what rarity it is. You don't need several ones for every rarity :D
  5. max stat value is totally random and doesn't reflect the ipwr of the item. You have to check the gold value of items. If you compare a new blue relic to a previously equipped blue relic you'll see that the new one has like 410 gold value while the old only had 409, that's how fast progression is. You can't check it if you had an item from a different rarity tho, (a 400 gold blue can have much better ipwr than a 700 gold legendary) so just equip EVERY new item that you get. Yes, it's stupid. Have "fun".
  6. Throne room is 4 lanes only. You can merge both the southern and the northern ones, it's the easiest one to solo with manufacturers.
  7. First PDT is at the mob's entrance, second is farther on the lane, behind the wall to kill the weakened ones that get there with some hp left.
  8. I've just started doing chaos 6 with asc 180, and I can barely do chaos 5 with double pdts per lane without repairing every wave. (I have the best chaos 5 gear.) So no, it might look op in c7 gear or with an ascension level much higher than what that current tier would require, but it's just about right when you are at the right level with the right gear. As they stated with manufacturers, they should buff the weak ones, not nerf the ones that are actually usable.
  9. Adding rewards to this would not be hard. 1) There will be a leader-board; competition is something a lot of players enjoy, and will be rewarding for them in that sense. 2) You can easily add special pet / skin unlocks for reaching certain levels.. In example, once you beat a lvl 10 map, you gain X pet.. or Whenever you beat lvl 20; you unlock a free bag / hero slot, whatever. 3) You could always add scaling EXP / Gold gain too for higher levels. So 55k for a lvl 0 (Chaos 7), and then +5% gold each lvl you go up, and 5% exp each lvl you go up. This way the highest difficulty will be rewarding in the sense that the 'real grinders' can grind out faster. Sounds much better :)
  10. A game is only fun if it's core gameplay is fun WoW A game where you have to progress to max level through slow and boring quests or grinding, but at max level the game begins, that's where you are supposed to have fun. DD2 A game where you have to progress to max level through slow and boring grinding, and at max level the game ends, so no fun for you. So you say the gameplay is fun and joyful even when doing the same maps the 100th time? Grinding can be compensated by rewarding loot, but nothing is rewarding here. This game is really like wow without endgame, only the boring part. The thing is, this boring part was fun and exciting until they changed it. That's my opinion, feel free to state where you think I'm wrong.
  11. Agreed, but let's not mistake stat system for loot system. Grinding the same 4 maps 100 times only seeing drops that are like 1% better than the previous items is the most anti fun and non rewarding thing I can imagine. And the core of these games are leveling and progression imo, which is extremely boring and stale right now.
  12. Amen to that. Donnie, the only way to progress (which will still be amazingly slow and grindy) is by making a hero that you won't even use, then you equip every new item on it that drops from the bosses of the highest chaos tier you can farm. It doesn't matter if it's only green, it doesn't matter if it has less stats than the previous on that new hero, you just change the previous one with the new. Gear progression is totally fcked up, it drops new items based on the gear of your most geared hero in your deck while killing a boss. The loot you get is about 1% better than what you previously had on that most geared character. You will often see items that have less stats than what you had on that most geared character, because for some stupid reason they made all stats on items randomized, so instead of getting a relic with 2000 defense power you get a relic with a defense power of 1600-2000. Have "fun".
  13. Just what I've mentioned elsewhere. New players go from not too hard but very rewarding campaign gameplay to limited and unenjoyable chaos tier, where they get drops that are like 1% better than what they already have. Sounds fun?
  14. Loot, playing with all the limitations, the general gameplay. Yes, there is a chance the game'll improve, but coming out of EA meant that they are proud of what they had, and they think it's a game that is no longer in a bad form and is totally presentable, ready for comparisons with games from the same genre.
  15. In my opinion monk is the absolute best in single target damage, killing siege rollers is easy as hell and it can be a bit tanky For aoe dps (against assassin's, basically everything other than the siege roller) I'd say abyss lord with an ability power build. It's second skill deals crazy aoe dmg, it stuns everything, and you can just spam it for like 25-30 seconds without running out of mana. Then you can get your mana back by doing the simple auto attack. It also has a healing aura so it's really tough.
  16. Well, they had quite a few years and the game is officially launched, so this is just the time to compare them imo. Also, I think the main problem is not the amount of features righ now, rather the quality of them.
  17. My friend got his first deadly strikes at asc 250 :D
  18. totally agreed, they had a good base and for some reason they are making it worse
  19. Some constructivity at last. These would make the game much more fun than it is now. Let's hope that I'm wrong thinking that they won't care. They could also make it work like in hearthstone. RNG is good up to a point, but it can ruin a game too. In hearthstone you can destroy cards and get card dust from them, then you can craft other cards from that dust once you've got enough. It could totally work here too.
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