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  1. @BeerGoggles quote:

    I dunno. Dryad is super hot right now, so apparently it's playable for others... ;p

    You could always pretend they removed dryad by not playing it.  

    NImbuses outright stop on specific maps, hornets sometimes ignore 1-2 targets, slimes often don't hit targets behind them. I've spent tons of medals on that hero, expecting it to work, if they can't fix it in 1 year then make a refund option, or maybe change the way it works. Ignoring the problem and going forward is the worst solution.

    It's a little indie studio for sure, but they can release a whole new hero before fixing the gamebreaking bug of old ones. Just because it's free to play it doesn't mean they are above criticism.

  2. @BeerGoggles quote:

    Woah, I just had a genius idea. What if you like, don't use nimbus where you know it's not gonna work. 

    You won't fail any more maps, and can stop crying yourself to sleep every night. 

    Or if they can't fix a single thing in a year maybe they could outright change or remove it. Slimes, hornets, nimbus, they are all bugged ever since release. I get it, it's hard to fix the problem because the aiming those towers use is so complex. But if they can't fix it in a year then outright changing them would at least give us a hero to use. 

    If they can't implement something that works, they shouldn't implement it in the first place.

  3. I use those shards in this case because they are the easiest to get as a beginner. By losing dps I mean they may hit throwers with +40% range but their dps goes down from 90k to 70k, so overall they just get even worse.

    Flamethrower and ramster are the only normal towers that stand a real chance, but even those require tons of bonus range, which in turn reduces their dmg by a lot. So while a flamethrower is not as bad as a cannonball is compared to a flame aura or slimes it's still like 50% less usefull because the range shards reduce it's dps, making it deal less damage than traps and auras over the same range.

    And while some of the projectile towers have specific shards to deal a bit of aoe (which is rarely even close to the weakest auras or traps) that does not validate their weakness without them imo, especially since they will still be inferior to auras or traps with normal dmg shards. 

    I've got to c6 on pc back then, I just started over on xbox a while ago and I was a.bit disappointed that nothing really changed with tower balance. I was hoping for all that time, and what I'm really interested in is TE's opinion on it. Because if they think this is perfect the way it is, and the solution is simply forbidding the use of strong stuff to force people to use the weak then at least I could stop hoping and leave the game in peace.

  4. Please read this.

    My case, c4 gear, 4500 defpower defcrit defspeed defhp medallion with defcrit defcritchance and defpower shards.

    Flame Aura does 30k+ aoe dps, invincible, has a nice range. It lets me easily clear c3 without a single monster reaching the walls, except bosses. The same thing is true with Slimes, Nimbus, Hornets, basically every trap does great.

    Cannonball tower does 90k+ dps, 100k health, small range. Everything piles up at the walls. The same thing is true with flamethrowers, earthshatter, harpy, basically every normal tower is the same.

    For simplicity I'll use flame aura vs cannonball comparison, these are true to nearly every trap and normal tower.

    1. DPS

    While a flame aura does 30k dps to 10(8?) targets doing 300k effective dps a cannonball tower only does 90k.

    2. Range

    Flame aura can be put anywhere because it is invincible. Cannonball has to be put behind the wall in a safe distance so it can't be killed by slekeleon cleave, orc stomp etc.

    This means that the cannonball tower can only hit the targets standing directly in front of the wall.

    With range shard it can hit 40% farther, this is still not enough to reach the throwers. (loses dps because -1 dps shard)

    With range shard and 50/50 gambit they can hit the throwers but not the dragons or malthiuses. (loses a lot of dps because -1 dps shard and -def power from gambit)

    (note that when you are first forced to use normal towers instead of traps (c2, onslaught 7) you barely have enough ascension to put like 15 points into gambit, note that it also reduces the dps by a significant amount)

    3. Health 

    Flame aura is invincible, you can ignore it after placement. Cannonball tower has 100k health in my case, If I put them a safe distance behind the walls and still want to hit throwers they can still be hit by the dragons' projectiles and occasionally throwers, resulting in a need to repair from time to time.

    4. Shards

    In order to stay viable you have to put range shards and or gambit on the cannonball tower, making it's dps go much lower because traps can have pure damage shards.


    Traps are obviously overpowered compared to normal projectile based towers. In most cases balance problems like these don't matter that much because we can simply stick to the strong stuff and ignore the weak. Sadly since you are forcing our hand against cyborks and in like 60% of the mastery challenges we can't use the strong stuff. This is not a 10% dps loss. This is like 70% overall viability loss.

    I love the base idea of the game and the TE has many good ideas. Can't this game get the balance it deserves? This specific issue made me and my friend stop playing, we loved the game back when there was only nightmare, but cyborks and mastery limitations really made the balance problems impossible to ignore.

    I would really like an answer from a developer for this question: will you change this or it stays like that?

  5. Lawlta Then why can't they simply write that in the bug report page? "Please record it, because we can't reproduce it like everyone else" this doesn't take 6 months to type.

    I'll install the game just to record it because I'd really like to believe you but my hopes aren't set high.

    Dead Roads Chaos 3 5th wave and they've stopped again, just as mentioned in the half year old bug report, again, 100% repro chance.


  6. Exactly, the problem is that many features in the game are lacking and badly implemented and even if we ignore them the game is just a bugged piece of junk in most cases. And they are not working on fixing the bugs at all. Malthius has been spawning skeletons behind walls since it was implemented, lady orks have been ignoring walls since c4 was put in and I'm sure you can name other bugs that were never fixed. The only solution is to not use the bugged stuff anymore which is terribly disappointing considering that this isn't a ***ty private server running from someone's garage.. It just has the exact same attitude.. Put in new things so some players may stay, never fix the existing ones cuz it takes time.

  7. @Rentard quote:

    A couple of things:

    1)  Onslaught is meant to be end-game content.  I'm not surprised that you can't get further than what you already have.  You already mentioned that you don't have the proper shards.  Based on that, I'm assuming you aren't geared enough and don't have many ascension levels.  You also don't have the experience to deal with some of the harder mobs and how to adjust your strategies to compensate.

    2)  My recommendation for any new players is to grind through the Chaos levels first.  Here you will gain ascension, gear, and learn the challenges of the different types of enemies.  This will also allow you to focus on those chaos levels where the more powerful shards drop, giving you a better chance of getting what you need.  If you want to test yourself from time to time on Onslaught just to see how far you are going, then fine, but you are going to have a difficult time of it.

    Again, Onslaught is meant to be end-game content.  It's far from perfect and has some issues with it that need to be addressed, but it's not supposed to be easy, especially for someone new.

    I have played this game for a year back then, I just started anew on xbox now and I believe this is how the game looks from a beginners perspective. I believe onslaught is actually faster, at least farming chaos back then was much slower than onslaught progression is now. But well, thanks to that faster gearing there is absolutely no way to get the shards by the time they are needed. (not that we can get range shards before clearing cyborks in chaos 2 anyway). Back then I've grinded a lot and got everything I needed so that wouldnt be too big a problem now. 

    For the last month back then I really didnt enjoy the game, I was hoping they would listen to all the suggestions about gearing, ipwr, fixing things, balance etc but nothing happened. Now when I started anew, played through onslaught till floor 8 I actually enjoyed the game after such a long time. After I figured out how fun the Angry Nimbus is I actually played through 4 maps without stopping for a second, I felt like okay, this actually became a pretty fun game. Then it got bugged 3 times in a row losing me 3 matches. Then I went to check if it was reported, and it was. On 2017 july 19, nearly half a year ago. The developers havent changed at all, this is still a game where the voice of the community doesnt matter, where gamebreaking bugs like the Nimbus or Malthius' spawns can stay bugged for years, where people who got to asc level 2000 get basicly nothing more than those who just got to 250 and floor 65 when ascending, spitting the fans in the face.

    There doesnt seem to be light in the tunnel's end.

  8. I've stopped playing on pc because of the slow progression back then.  I've just started playing on xbox and I have to say the onslaught progression is just fine, up to floor 7 it's medium difficulty high reward and I've started enjoying the game after all that waiting. 

    Then I got to floor 8 where everything broke again.

    1. There is still no tower balance, not even close

    As most new players would do, I've started trying out all the defenses on the private tavern, trying to figure out what I should stick to since at the start I'm not limited by special enemies. Without shards, only a medallion I've tried out all of the defenses the 4 basic heroes can provide and the results are obvious: aoe is king, single target is useless. The best aoe without shards is flame totem since it cant be destroyed, has a decent range and I had 5k dps with it. The best single target dps tower was the cannonball because it had 12k dps. Now i think its kinda obvious that a tower with 5k aoe dps that cant be destroyed easily beats a single target tower that has 2x dps but half the range and is destroyed in a second by any aoe that is targeted on the wall.

    2. We are still extremely limited in towers once special enemies kick in

    Once the newbie gets to floor 8 he is facing Cyborks, the dear flame aura is useless, back to single targets. 

    that means: 40k dps->12k dps  100% range->70% range 0 maintenance ->constant maintenance 

    The gameplay goes into a horrible unenjoyable repairfeast at this point where the towers are clearly too weak against the mobs that drop the exact same medallions they use. After getting used to the variety we have 2 choices basicly: Flamethrowers that has to be placed in front of the walls because they have no range to kill the ranged mobs otherwise or pdts, which lack the range so they may still die from a stomp or whatever.

    3. Bugs, tons of them.

    All I did was play the game through the campaign and then advance to floor 8 in onslaught. 

    In that time I lost about 5 matches because the wall wasnt holding aggro, about 6 matches where a Malthius simply spawned a skeleton behind the wall straight to a crystal, about 10 because my angry nimbus simply stopped working.

    All of these bugs were around nearly a year ago when i stopped playing the game on pc.

    4. Shard rng

    The newbie is at floor 8 thinking 'hmm, maybe I need better shards to progress further'. The easiest possible way to get past the cyborks is getting a range shard that will somewhat increase the efficiency of the terrible towers we can choose from. I did about 20 chaos 3 matches, got 40 shards. Out of those 40 shards about 8 was for the starting heroes (not a single deadly strikes, its not a miracle). It takes 20 minutes to get a chance at one chaos 3 shard and about half of the drop table is for heroes the newbie doesnt even own. Farming that one shard would be bad enough in this rate if we couldnt get shards for heroes we dont even have but this way its pure nightmare, again not enjoyable for a starter.

    5. Win streak bonus is like its not even here

    In those 20 runs I only got 1 shard as a bonus. This system is pure garbage. One run takes 20 minutes for a newbie with building, this way it takes 60 minutes just to be able to activate the system. Thanks to the above mentioned bugs it is nearly impossible to get 3 or 4 succesful runs in a row. Even If we didnt have any bugs, do you expect a newbie to stay entertained by farming one game mode for more than an hour without a 10 minute break? If I go to make a sandwich by the times I'm back I'm disconnected and my win streak is reset to 0, this is terrible.

    6. Onslaught monster buffs

    Imagine a newbie advancing through floor 7 with barely enough knowledge of the game and a half decent leveling gear. Not that scary. Someone had the nice idea to make an enemy modifier that heals the monsters on that row when they deal dmg, this might be a fun modifier for a end game player but do you expect newcomers to kill a boss before it could take 10 steps to the barricade? I think my boss had like 6 mill dmg, I had about 100k dps back then. It's impossible to kill before and after it reaches the barricade since it heals for about 20% a second.

    7. I'm sure the other players could write many more problems, as they did already in other topics.

    In the end I'm not surprised when I look at the player count of the game, the dev is not changing, they still do not listen to the community, they still do not spend enough time fixing game breaking bugs. They had a great idea of a game, they have a great community that's full of neverending ideas and solutions for the problems yet the developers do nothing. It's sad how a great game like this can go down because of ignorance.

    Yep, I'm just another whining noob, you can start flaming if you wish, this is my opinion and probably most of the new players too (thats why there arent many).

  9. @The Jason Order quote:

    Poison Dart Tower placed at the start of each lane, with your walls much further into the lane, will do a lot of damage to most things before they reach. But you are right. Early on, before range shards, AoE options are very mediocre versus Cyborks.

    they are kinda lame without the shard that spreads the poison but I guess I really dont have a choice here, thank you for the answer

  10. The bug was reported nearly half a year ago and it still happens all the time. Just got my 3 win streak for the extra shard then all of the nimbuses just stop moving and I lose the 5th wave on dead roads.. Devs seriously have no idea what's causing a 100% reproducable gamebreaking bug after half a year?

    I was like okay, lets just skip dead roads next time. Then it happened in siphon site d too on the 2th round, I had to kill everything with my low dps because the nimbuses were just looking at me. Then they worked fine for half a round and then stopped again. 

    And this has been around for half a year. Shame on you TE.

  11. I feel like every single non aoe tower does way too low damage compared to their limits. I'm leveling on xbox and have tried out all towers available to me., For example with the same gear a flame aura does 4k dps while a cannonball does 10k. Flame aura has a bigger range and hits 8 targets, cannonball hits one, it's nearly useless. Now I've came to the point where I'm facing cyborks again, is it the same year old 'ramster or firethrower' situation again? We are still that limited? I've tried placing hornets behind corners, up high etc but cyborks dont care, they turn them off even if their attacks' visual doesnt even go close. 

    Note that cyborks come at chaos 2 so you dont have a range shard against them. Without range both ramsters and flamethrowers suck because they get killed by every mob aoe.

  12. @xArcAngel quote:
    @1731vrdw quote:


    This game honestly has very little strategy, so just don't overthink it lol. One of the best strategies (as outline from how well WM did by itself), is basically find a tower that is AOE, or has an AOE shard (i.e. cannonball towers) that does good damage. Then spam 2-5 of those per lane, because that's all the DU you have after walls anyways.

    I mean... on some maps you can get "creative" cause they have higher DU limits, and throw in something like a geyser or sand trap to slow down enemies... but basically just wall + whatever does good DPS. And it's really a lot of towers now... although flame aura is PROBABLY the strongest after the PDT nerfs I think.

    Still can't be used if there are cyborks, right? I've read so many articles about this and still had no luck so far. In order for it to be effective I'd have to place it somewhere where they can easily turn it off : / Ramster is my only option

  13. Hungary here, it took me like 5 tries to get into the private tavern. "connection to the host has been lost". so nah, you are not alone. I've left the private tavern to go and try out the town, no luck so far. 6 "connection to the host has been lost" messages so far, I guess I give up.

    edit: 10 more tries, nothing. Definitely have to give up :'(

  14. @Arruzaki quote:

    i did exactly what i wrote

    btw dunno if its only gunwitch but for me the upgrades ranged from 1-4 gold
    also whenever i upgraded a legi and played with it on the new item value jumped ~50 gold compared to the ones before

    Yes, it works like that with upgrades, if you upgrade the trash you put on the mule than it really can speed up leveling, I understand now. Sadly when you don't have any gold or medals you are left with the 1-2 gold intervals : /

  15. @Arruzaki quote:

    i dont find it to be that slow tbh

    used a mule gunwitch with my other gunwitch for the dps

    only equipped blues on the mule and looking for upgrades after every wave (except when i found a hh ap hc legendary for my dps gunwitch then i upgraded that full and put that on the mule after 1-2 waves i got a blue to replace the legi so i can put it on my dps)

    went from the mid c5 gear to the maxed out c7 gear in 3 days with playing like 6-7 games per day
    (for weapons-armor. now i have to farm for the max relics)

    I don't want to search the excel sheet, but you get items with +1 gold value after every wave with a mule, and there is min-max gold value range of about 2-300 at most tiers. Sure, doing 2-300 waves isn't boring.

    You either made that up or have found a nice bug.

  16. @Dreizehn quote:

    Isom's way of communication with the community is awesome

    This gave me cancer. Have you checked the forum lately? Instead of replying to topics where lots of people are making up ideas which could help in satisfying the playerbase he replies to topics about "what is your favourite drink". He was awesome months ago, agreed.

    Correct me If I'm wrong, but I don't see what else you can do other than moderating the masses.

    "I'll be acting as a bridge to get the issues you as a community are encountering into the hands of the developers so they are able to fix the most important issues as soon as they possibly can; as well as getting word out from the developers to all of you."

    It's not like we are talking in ancient sanskrit, we don't need someone who can translate our thoughts to the developers, we need developers who care about them. They only need to read any of the last few topics about number one problems and solution ideas and they can see what we were crying about for months. It's not rocket science, it only depends on their attitude.

    You are welcome of course, I hope you'll have a pleasant time here.

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