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  1. NImbuses outright stop on specific maps, hornets sometimes ignore 1-2 targets, slimes often don't hit targets behind them. I've spent tons of medals on that hero, expecting it to work, if they can't fix it in 1 year then make a refund option, or maybe change the way it works. Ignoring the problem and going forward is the worst solution. It's a little indie studio for sure, but they can release a whole new hero before fixing the gamebreaking bug of old ones. Just because it's free to play it doesn't mean they are above criticism.
  2. Or if they can't fix a single thing in a year maybe they could outright change or remove it. Slimes, hornets, nimbus, they are all bugged ever since release. I get it, it's hard to fix the problem because the aiming those towers use is so complex. But if they can't fix it in a year then outright changing them would at least give us a hero to use. If they can't implement something that works, they shouldn't implement it in the first place.
  3. I use those shards in this case because they are the easiest to get as a beginner. By losing dps I mean they may hit throwers with +40% range but their dps goes down from 90k to 70k, so overall they just get even worse. Flamethrower and ramster are the only normal towers that stand a real chance, but even those require tons of bonus range, which in turn reduces their dmg by a lot. So while a flamethrower is not as bad as a cannonball is compared to a flame aura or slimes it's still like 50% less usefull because the range shards reduce it's dps, making it deal less damage than traps and auras o
  4. Please read this. My case, c4 gear, 4500 defpower defcrit defspeed defhp medallion with defcrit defcritchance and defpower shards. Flame Aura does 30k+ aoe dps, invincible, has a nice range. It lets me easily clear c3 without a single monster reaching the walls, except bosses. The same thing is true with Slimes, Nimbus, Hornets, basically every trap does great. Cannonball tower does 90k+ dps, 100k health, small range. Everything piles up at the walls. The same thing is true with flamethrowers, earthshatter, harpy, basically every normal tower is the same. For simplicity I'll use flame aura vs
  5. I've only ever tried slimes once, on throne room, that's where they stopped working at first try
  6. And the exact same can happen with the slimes too. (probably with hornets, never used them)
  7. Lawlta Then why can't they simply write that in the bug report page? "Please record it, because we can't reproduce it like everyone else" this doesn't take 6 months to type. I'll install the game just to record it because I'd really like to believe you but my hopes aren't set high. Dead Roads Chaos 3 5th wave and they've stopped again, just as mentioned in the half year old bug report, again, 100% repro chance. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Murdash%20HUN/video/42999020
  8. Exactly, the problem is that many features in the game are lacking and badly implemented and even if we ignore them the game is just a bugged piece of junk in most cases. And they are not working on fixing the bugs at all. Malthius has been spawning skeletons behind walls since it was implemented, lady orks have been ignoring walls since c4 was put in and I'm sure you can name other bugs that were never fixed. The only solution is to not use the bugged stuff anymore which is terribly disappointing considering that this isn't a ***ty private server running from someone's garage.. It just has th
  9. Tried it out on dead roads, on the 5th wave all of them just stop moving. I've put them far behind the trees the way you suggested, sadly its not working
  10. It feels like there is noone working on bugs.. They accidently fix some easy to do visual bugs etc and everything else is ignored for years.
  11. I have played this game for a year back then, I just started anew on xbox now and I believe this is how the game looks from a beginners perspective. I believe onslaught is actually faster, at least farming chaos back then was much slower than onslaught progression is now. But well, thanks to that faster gearing there is absolutely no way to get the shards by the time they are needed. (not that we can get range shards before clearing cyborks in chaos 2 anyway). Back then I've grinded a lot and got everything I needed so that wouldnt be too big a problem now. For the last month back then I real
  12. I've stopped playing on pc because of the slow progression back then. I've just started playing on xbox and I have to say the onslaught progression is just fine, up to floor 7 it's medium difficulty high reward and I've started enjoying the game after all that waiting. Then I got to floor 8 where everything broke again. 1. There is still no tower balance, not even close As most new players would do, I've started trying out all the defenses on the private tavern, trying to figure out what I should stick to since at the start I'm not limited by special enemies. Without shards, only a medallion
  13. they are kinda lame without the shard that spreads the poison but I guess I really dont have a choice here, thank you for the answer
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