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  1. if something as little as a height increase that we can not even see effects an ogres walking right through a spike bockade, then something is wrong. If TE can't fix this, something is wrong. Oh wait, they have to care first
  2. For whatever reason you guys deleted all my characters, and my items, and like completely re loaded the game. It went through all the dlc's I have again and character outfits etc, cept i got no guys or items. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197993809862/ STEAM_0:0:16772067 e mail [email]ugbar@hotmail.com[/email] I would like my characters and items back. Thanks
  3. rofl i love this thread. I just don't play DD anymore. Congratulations on the response trendy ... Wait whats that?? You didn't respond?? *GASP* At least own up to your stupid mistakes on every patch.
  4. Everytime you guys release a patch it screws me and everyone else over. Everytime i finally get somewhere in the game LEGIT by the way, you completely undo it. Myst survival was doable before. Maybe not always wave 20-30 but doable up to wave 20 at least. Then BAM a nerf. All the levels I once could do on NM now i can't even come close anymore. That makes me feel good. Real good. To know the time i wasted improving in your game to excell just to yet again have it undone by your stupid patch. I Love having to re-do my NM levels again and again and again to maybe get half way.
  5. rofl it should already be there.
  6. WHen your in-game doing waves your cap is 200mil. If you make an afk shop your cap is 2 billion. In short if you reach 200mil in game, then between waves FIND ways to spend money, so you can reach the 200mil cap each wave. Hope that helps
  7. Just wondering why when you goto join a friends game or they invite you, if there is no room it jumps you out of whatever your doing to "attempt" to join, just to fail if its full or hidden. Why can't it be like every other game where if the game is full it simply says "game full can't connect" instead of taking you away from where you are / what your doing. I think this would be a HUGE improvement, aswell as being able to view the games list while in game / tavern. That way you can stay where you are and decide if you want to join a different game. Maybe waiting for a certain map, or
  8. A ha! they posted it a half an hour after it happened "We're working on some issues with inter-server communication. We should have a fix within an hour or so. I apologize for the inconvenience." Tho there kinda late That was 2 hours ago ;)
  9. I'm lvl 74 squire, and have a huntress 72. Now EVERY MAP i can solo on insane easy. Put me in any level on nightmare and i can't do nothing.. How's that fun? Oh also let me point this out. Another person was nice enough to let me join them to farm assaulyt challenge on NM. Now thats great i got a god blasticus BUT after 1.5 weeks now i've only gotten it to lvl 55 because IT TAKES TO DAMN LONG TO FARM MANA. The game really is losing a huge amount of interest to myself because i have better things todo then waste 50 hoursa to half upgrade 1 weapon, let alone gear or anything else.
  10. Actually regular MF drops garbage now to. The ONLY way to get goot loot was UMF. So thanks trendy for making one single map the only way to get anything good.
  11. Wow really?? I've sent 2 emails since december 6th and havn't gotten a reply back. Trendy picks n choses who to respond to i guess. Sad really.
  12. read pc patch notes, i believe there was a problem with steam
  13. gotta stun him like before i would assume and grind the crap outta him a bunch of times. Obvisouly it's possible =) Can't wait to try myself later ;P
  14. Ya it;s alright. I am far from being in the top 100 even 200 players but i'm decent with what i got. Sometimes i help out those in lower levels or new comers beat maps, or just give them some of my gear for free so they have something they can upgrade. I also don't mind getting the better loot as insane as it is lol, cause this way i have a reason to continue playing and upping my gear. It's allot better then maxing your stuff out and then thats it wouldn't you think?
  15. I look forward to trying these new maps later on, and i hope its stupid hard so that when some of us finally beat it, the reward will be great =)
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