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  1. Double clicking the shard in the inventory has fixed it and i now have the correct amount.
  2. As the title says. Had about 6 rotten eggs in the inventory and only 1 shellium shard now after the "fix".
  3. Hi i got carried today on onslaught normal mode up to wave 20 (i was mostly afk). I got tons of items till my bag was full (everything was placed in my temp bag ) and eggs as i chose the pet reward for every 3 waves. Also after the game was done i noticed that i was lucky because i had 2 golden creeper eggs in my temp bag. After i sorted everything out and sold most of the useless items i noticed that about 10 eggs were back in the temporary item bag after i joined a game. I then sold 10 eggs out of my normal bag and put the eggs from the temp bag into the normal one. Again about 4 eggs (3 normal ones and always the second golden egg) were back in the temp bag with the temp timer NOT being reset. I managed to sell even more eggs until all the eggs from the temp bag finally were in the normal bag. All except the golden one. No matter what i did, it was always in the temp bag again after i joined a game or relogged. And now it is gone.
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