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  1. Im stupid and i wish for a delete function. Have a nice day.
  2. - Level other characters repeating wave 1 of Tinkerer Lab Nightmare Hardcore: put 1 huntress, 1 summoner, 2 EV, 3 monks and 1 jester at level 74. You can spam Blockades/Harpoons from Squire to protect the crystals, it's possible to do with 200 stats, so at 1000 it should be really easy. - Learn how to unlock Fish pets (google) and then start farming 1 fish for each of your builders at Moonbase Hard Hardcore (requires monk, EV and apprentice, but summoner and huntress might help too if needed) - Google how to upgrade DPS armor. After you have learned, level your Jester to 78 (at this point, Tavern Defense might be the best place for you to level up, map is easy as long as you have all builders at 1000+) and equip your Jester properly, try to get him to 1000~1500 stats in HP and damage with 80%+ resists, then you can start farming Lab Assault Insane Hardcore to get you better armor. You should easily be able to reach 3000~4000 with all your chars (i suggest using an emulator to get 4x rewards). - After all of your chars are well equipped, you can go after more niche items like a Propeller Cat from Sky City survival for your DPS EV, better builder weapons from Akatiti and Buccaneer Bay... From now on, you will be at the end of the game, so you will have to improve yourself and your strategies to be able to deal with the hardest maps so you can farm pets at CR3 wave 35 survival, weapons at Polybius and the best armors at Infested Ruins survival.
  3. Sorry, i don't know exactly what might be the best way to fix your problem, but perhaps editting the line commands in the txts at \Steam\steamapps\common\Dungeon Defenders\UDKGame\Config might help you, that's how i improved my emulator. Check UDKInput mainly, but im not quite sure if that's the only one related to key configs. Play around there and, if anything goes wrong, just "verity integrity" to recover the archives back to normal.
  4. Hakon

    [WTA] NPC

    Even though i understand your point about trust, as long as the auctioneer has the possibility of refusing to sell something that was AUCTIONED because the price didn't please him it won't be really an auction either way (even so i never saw anyone frowning at that). Not to mention the guy retracted his bid few hours after his post, no need to bitch so much about it like he had some bad intent with it, just ignore his bid and pick the previous one, no biggy.
  5. Early today a friend wanted to know if a piece of armor being sold would cap, so i thought sharing my formulas might be useful to someone. The following formulas can help you quickly check how many upgrades each resistance from -14% to +15% will take to reach 29%: Positive value = 24% - % Negative value = 22% + % Example: Armor: 4% -8% 2% 14% = 20 + 30 + 22 + 10 for a total of 82 upgrades used for a perfect 4x 29% ultimate (and 86 for 4x 30%, if it was supreme).
  6. Hakon

    Christmas in June!!

    Mv: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/765611980884 CTRL C DIDNT COPY THE LAST 5 NUMBERS WTF: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198088409356/ I only noticed i needed to print heroes after i started building Winter Wonderland, hope it's all right, i'd prefer to not have to play Winter Mire again.
  7. Gear: moonbase campaign for some pets + akatiti campaign for some weapons + Lab assault insane for armor... When you are able to, infested ruins survival is the best place to farm end game armor Money: farm coals in winter wonderland / wintermire Exp: Tavern Defense campaign or first wave of embermount
  8. Hakon


    - At Pure Strategy, Dread Dungeon and a few other maps show ogres spawn notifications even when the option is turned off. - At Pure Strategy, Harbingers follow and attack players nonstop (doing no damage obviously, but still ignoring towers to focus on players for no reason). - At Pure Strategy, every single "6 player" map shows the pause menu with the 4 players HUD, not allowing to check / kick the last 2 players. - At Pure Strategy, i can only see enemies's HP at my emulator (wyverns's hp are shown normally though). Not sure if i'm the problem, or if it's intended or just a bug. - The Greater Turkey Hunt still doesn't show any information about MU in the HUD. I'm aware people won't do shit about these, but thought would be nice to let anyone interested know.
  9. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198088409356/ Gaia's Last Gift / Nessie and Mini Kraken
  10. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198088409356/ Christmas of 2015, since day 20, when i met someone with whom i had highs and lows, but was always there for me when i was at my worst, always supporting me and bringing bliss to my life.
  11. Hakon


    Thanks for the giveaway, Wash, it was really fun speedrunning the map, but you forgot to mention what's the extra reward for Manyu and me. Magicites as well?
  12. Hakon


    Mv: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198088409356/ Winter Mire (Build: 1:11 / Combat: 8:02 / Total: 9:13) https://imgur.com/a/eXPI6qg
  13. Even though it's great to have new updates and the new maps are really great, it's rather disappointing seeing so little quality of life improvements being added. So many things that could be improved, but what is implemented is just more numbers to Buff Beams... As if now its values are any less irrelevants than were before... > Not differentiating golden enemies on the mini map > Not being able to cycle while checking towers (not to mention ethereal trap overlaying everything) > Not being able to type how much mana to drop instead of dropping all or using those extremely sensitive arrows > Not having a scrollbar in the Accomplishments section > Not having the option to equip accs to serve purely as cosmetic without the need to remove whatever you were using for stats I don't want to sound ungrateful in any way, but adding carpets that barely saves any time and more numbers to Buff Beams... So much more relevant things could have been done... But at least north crystal of Temple of Water was finally fixed (and took only 1 or 2 weeks since its release, or a little more...).
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