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  1. I will start with 60cv then. Plus some pats for your good work to the nation. Pat pat.
  2. How much would you value a Death Wish and a Ploutonion? Have mercy, pity and friendly thoughts before answering, my beloved Yoshi.
  3. Hakon

    [WTA] A great cat

    I would like to offer a RockShatter if you accept it as valuing 100cv. Edit: Sorry, i just noticed the RS i got from ThePoet has an incomplete trace, so feel free to not accept if anything.
  4. I beg forgiveness for my ignorance about what gave your mind the feeling of entitlement to publicly lecture Johnny about a post that in fact doesn't go against any obviously stated rule of the forum, as well as i'd like to add that opining and valuing an item, as well as allowing the counterpart to discuss and prove he wrong, if the case, is not just appropriate, but actually the whole purpose of allowing community members to chat. Also, as i don't see any symbol showing you to be an official administrator of the forum, i personally would feel rather pleased if you could avoid stepping out of your own limits to concerns which don't fall under your responsability. I'm sorry for interrupting your auction, Mr. Ed. Good luck with your sells.
  5. For Embermount, a DPS EV might make your life extremely easier. I don't remember if Emerald City is possible with 2k, but all the others are (Embermount needs less than 1k builders if you know what you are doing). It's easier than you imagine to get 5k, so don't worry, you can do it. Nowadays, the meta for armor farming is Infested ruins survival. Accs, from temple o' love / tomb of etheria / winter mire / crystal escort.
  6. Summoner: good enough, but might struggle a bit, would be nice if he could have around 5k tower HP Monk: fine EV: fine Huntress: fine, but would be nice if she had a bit more tower damage Squire: unneeded Apprentice: terrible, try to get around 5k tower damage and 3,5k tower rate DPS Monk: terrible, need more hero HP and hero damage (and fix his elemental resistances) Besides those, you will need +1 monk, a tower booster, and i would also suggest having an upgrader Jester. 2k stats are enough if you are a good enough player, but for most people that's rather unrealistic. In any case, there are guides for the new maps at a site called dundefplanner.
  7. Your level 70 character was probably permanently lost. I can help you with a quick level up if you don't wanna give up on the game, just add me on steam.
  8. While Cardboard Tube Samurai in fact has 20% bonus HP, SL has over 90% bonus HP, so it would definitely be a must if you are struggling... Not to mention the damage bonus is really nice as well... Weapon and pet is what Escev said (MM being the best weapon, and free-range chicken being something strong and easy to get early on, with later on being some more interesting options like Crystalline Dragon). Armor is from Infested Ruins (while winter mire and omenak also being good).
  9. Sorry. I didn't notice the gloves were mail. Forget my bid please.
  10. Concept: The idea is playing with words, somewhat of a pun between "dicing" as playing with dices (refering that are the scaling numbers) and "dicing" as in slicing (refering that are the colors, high damage and choosen pet). The pet would have only 4 stats for visual purposes of the numbers. The 20 used for upgrades and in the description are a reference to tabletop RPGs to reinforce the theme of playing with dices. Item: Harpoon Pet Size: as big as Mr. Crackers. Pet colors: Main color black. Secondary color dark red. Name: The One Who Dices Description: <color:255,0,0>Dicing</color> and <color:255,255,255>Dicing</color>, He forever strives towards the 20... Mana Cost: 987654300 Raised by: <color:75,0,0>Mv Base damage: 45678 Shots per second: 9 Projectile speed: 87654 Hero HP: 123 Hero damage: 456 Skill 2: 654 Tower range: 321 Upgrades: 20 / 20
  11. Hakon


    D: 5cv E: 5cv
  12. Hakon


    K: 30cv
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