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  1. Crescents are usually for builders. For DPS usually you want to go after a spear of the new kingdom, or a honey staff, or a mischief maker, all of them ranged.
  2. I believe Acen explains how to do that in this post: https://steamcommunity.com/app/65800/discussions/0/610573751146887896/
  3. Hope you enjoy the game and have fun
  4. Why don't you just check which were the last achievements unlocked and just re-do them? You won't unlock them again, but you would have done enough, wouldn't that be enough to put your mind at peace?
  5. Merry christmas to everyone https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198088409356/
  6. I really don't mind to keep going up, Yoshi, but im not sure if im just being trolled right now or if it's serious (not to mention im not sure if 1cv covers the pats i offered as well). If anything, i will offer 81cv and 1 coal for the helm.
  7. What kind of person waits for the last moment to waste time prolonging the inevitable? 80cv for the blessed piece. The pats remain in the offer.
  8. I will start with 60cv then. Plus some pats for your good work to the nation. Pat pat.
  9. How much would you value a Death Wish and a Ploutonion? Have mercy, pity and friendly thoughts before answering, my beloved Yoshi.
  10. I would like to offer a RockShatter if you accept it as valuing 100cv. Edit: Sorry, i just noticed the RS i got from ThePoet has an incomplete trace, so feel free to not accept if anything.
  11. I beg forgiveness for my ignorance about what gave your mind the feeling of entitlement to publicly lecture Johnny about a post that in fact doesn't go against any obviously stated rule of the forum, as well as i'd like to add that opining and valuing an item, as well as allowing the counterpart to discuss and prove he wrong, if the case, is not just appropriate, but actually the whole purpose of allowing community members to chat. Also, as i don't see any symbol showing you to be an official administrator of the forum, i personally would feel rather pleased if you could avoid stepping out of
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