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  1. The problem is horde waves. Who wants to sit through 15min round of that crap.
  2. You could use autohotkey with a toggle to remap keys for when you play gunwitch.
  3. My deck consists of 8 lv50's: 2 dps, 6 builders, all ipwr 700-730+. Lost on Incursion gates 4/5 times. This was a map that I could solo with walls, traps, frost, dps huntress. Now with 4 other dps, we were loosing the map consistantly enough that it is frustrating to play. Walls get pooped on so hard and mobs are harder to kill. I lost some trap dmg due to the trip/schematics changes, but I still had 2450 explosive/2700ish ele traps, 330k walls, 3.9k DP 40% frosty, 15k purge evil dmg. All my builder gear is max upgrades and I have to find replacements for every piece. I can't even replace ge
  4. Out of 27 earth pets, I got 1 poison tips, 2 sandstorms, 2 vines, rest were trash abilities like rock throw and what not. It was a huge investment in time just to get poison tips for my dps, but worth it now that I have it. I wish it was so random though.
  5. Can confirm Dragon can get Poison Tips, got it today on Brrragon earth dmg. Brrragon
  6. Rorschach, glad this build helped get you started and that you were able to improve it for yourself. And thank you for posting your build adjustment incase others might find it better. One thing id like to point out is fill the rest of the DUs even if you have to swap to mage to lay a wall so that you get master builder bonus.
  7. Great, I'm glad to hear you finished the map. Also I update my main post with your tower stats so people know it can be done with even lower specs. Although it seems like the genie for upgrades really helped you finish the map, so I'll note that also. I just completed this on solo with the following tower stats: 697/681/568/992 Few things I had to do to compensate: -Spider bouncers needed 1 ^ each to 0HK -Top and bottom both took a beating from multiple ogres, so I got their bouncers to a star each -Top bottom and middle-right were the main areas needing help, east and middle-left were
  8. I've only tested as low as 1k dmg and like 400 speed and I was still able to beat the map. The speed isnt an issue for the bumpers, its the dmg you need. I cant remember for sure but i think they have like 30k? hp on spiders. The only problem with speed you're going to have is the rate on your harpoons and killing ogres with them. I'm not quite sure if you are ready to do NM Glitter yet, you have low end godly gear. But you might be able to do first few waves and farm the chests for better gear and get you going. Can I just ask what the recommended speed for killing the spiders is? My towe
  9. It runs real smooth, and can be done with lower stats as long as the bumpers can 1 shot the spiders.
  10. Full solo squire build that can complete NM HC Glitterhelm. Make sure bumpers are on spider spawn locations, adjust in game if you see them missing the drop. focus upgrades on walls and turrets that defend the lanes, don't waste mana on AS bumpers. Level 2 upgrades is most you need. Run around and repair bumpers as needed, lanes can solo the ogres no player dmg is needed but makes it go faster. Squire Solo NM HC Glitterhelm Spec: 491/423/280/224 881/1251/639/521 *Completed by GrimSkellington with Genie - Tower Stats:697/681/568/992 Video(Full Run) : [video=youtube_share;hpMzZ8Wz5
  11. Throwing items on the ground till item cap is reach, just makes it so you cant throw more items down. If you don't own a controller, set up about 5-10 MMs targeting the dummy, then get as close to the item as possible and mash E, you should be able to pick it up. Just keep moving around pushing E till you get it. the MMs keep the dummy flat on ground and makes it possible to get.
  12. Is there a way to change a config file so that when I swap from full screen to window it doesnt loose my 1600x900 resolution when going back to full screen? As it is now if i want 1600x900 when i go back to full screen I have to exit and going into config menu and change my custom back to 1600x900.
  13. Maybe a retarded hacker would make something like that. Its just to funny to have been thought up as it is.
  14. Well, I guess it isnt really trolling, but it fun and sorta feels like trolling. Also from another shop I just joined into. There are like 2-3 of them up and running right now.
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