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  1. A rank 1 Frostbite towers slow is 65%. The Frost Bind shard (Frostbite slow strength increased) at max rank increases the slow strength of the tower by 40% and when I put it into the item equipped to my tower the slow goes to 5%(-60%). Rank 2 Frostbite tower slow is 58.5% and then with the shard it goes to 98.5%(+40%). Now when I go into a map the rank 1 tower with the shard equipped has its slow speed at 5% and mobs are pretty much not even slowed and then when I take the shard out they go back to actually getting slowed again. At rank 2 with the shard the slow is up to 98.5% and again noth
  2. I tanked it for my three man group with my squire and using the flamethrower dps shield build(since it also taunts) and i stood in a serenity aura...never died and it never left me alone leaving all the time in the world for my ranged friends to shoot it. Even if I was solo I then would have just tanked it and let my towers shoot it while my shield was spewing flames without even needing to cheese it with the poison buff.
  3. Yea I have ran the liferoot challenge mission five times now. Each time I got a purple chest and and no frosty staff. I have also ran other missions trying to grab some Storm set items and I have not gotten any either. I think I did about ten or so missions all NM4 all on maps that are supposed to drop specific items and I have not received any. So it's my guess that it isn't guaranteed and if it was supposed to be then its bugged.
  4. Hotfix 9.1 said you fixed the issue where triggering the phase at a specific time would cause him to fall/disappear. Well during the game my friends and I were on Nightmare 4 round 3 doing the boss fight just trying to get some of the cool new items, the wyvern came and dropped us a friendly crystal of damage so we all cuddled up and started shooting him, he wasn't near a phase point or anything and then like a magician he just vanished and then started throwing meteors at us and we could do nothing about it.
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