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  1. Try reinstalling Dungeon Defenders II to see if the problem persist. If the problem still occurs it may be something wrong with your sound card. If you download the latest audio drivers for your PC it should fix the issue you have. If does not then you should contact support. https://trendyent.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  2. If you purchased the starter pack of Dungeon Defenders II from the PlayStation store. Your gems should be in your mail box. No purchase require to play Dungeon Defenders II on Steam. 5000 Defenders Medals are rewarded to first time players of completion of the campaign. In the past players were able to earn gems by completing the campaign and a certain kind of quest. If want to know how to obtain free gems is by signing up to Dungeon Defenders II newsletter.
  3. The Huntress Armored Cleanser bow still drop with a 4/s attack rate. I obtained a Armored Cleanser 4/s with elemental damage two weeks ago. It was not a upgrade from my current Armored Cleanser with ability power. Continue to farm Malthius Incursion it will eventually drop. By the way you can buy the Armored Cleanser from the Blacksmith NCP. It does not display in his store often but sometimes. The downside when purchasing items from him. It is not strong as any nightmare IV items.
  4. It is a bug when transitioning to a map. All of your items from your inventory will disappear. It usually happen rarely but, it has been occurring more frequently recently. I made post about this unfortunate bug at Dungeon Defenders II bug website. If it receive a good amount votes it could be look into.
  5. Great video! [[160395,users]] I agree with your suggestion on playing Dungeon Defender 2 with a friend is a enjoyable experience. Happy New Years~
  6. Welcome back! [[4370,users]] 💙💙💙 I hope you have a wonderful 2017.
  7. A catchy Dungeon Defenders II Christmas song. Happy Holidays~ 🎄 
  8. Yes, you can create two or more of the same heroes.
  9. Series EV2 and Abyss Lord loot rolls with hybrid stats of defense power with ability power and hero damage with defense power. The purpose of the defense power and hero damage stats is for Series EV2 Weapon Manufacturer defense. The purpose of defense power with ability power is for The Abyss Lord active builder playstyle. Those stats that roll on Series EV2 and Abyss Lord gear is intentional. The only thing that is not intentional is their passives. You will find a tower passive on a DPS gear or hero passive on a builder gear. Welcome Back!
  10. dandin3 The new pets are the same in stats and abilities. The only difference between pets that The Adventurer (NCP) sells is appearance i.e. different colors.
  11. You should contact support to resolve your problem. Here is the link to support: https://trendyent.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  12. [[162342,users]] The three times daily mission event last weekend on the PS4 did not give two or three the daily missions. Also, I receive only one daily mission every refresh.
  13. All heroes currently in the game is able to output a moderate DPS. That is when equip with the correct passives and stats. Example: The huntress Flamageddon passive that rolls on any bow and relic (ring). The Flamageddon output damage is seven hundred thousand (700k) with ability power stats. You will need nineteen or twenty percent damage increase of the Flamageddon passive on bow and ring. I think the Flamageddon damage increase capacity is max at twenty or twenty-five percent.
  14. Check if all your drivers are up to date. The cause of your problem may relate to your AMD or Nvidia drivers being out of date.
  15. The Dryad's Moss Hornet's Nest sometimes do not attack no enemies at all.
  16. Javahawk I am not encountering the problem anymore. Thank you. Edit: The infinite loading still occurs. I just encountered it recently.
  17. Try reinstalling Dungeon Defender II and check if your internet connection is stable. If reinstallation of the game does not resolve your problem contact support for further help.
  18. When you want to create a session, you must select a map first. Currently on the PS4 you can not see any other players sessions in the game browser, unless you select the map you want to play at. I suggest you select a particular game mode and difficulty, instead of selecting any game mode or difficulty
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