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  1. Umm.. How can that be a joke? :S I meant the "what are you talking about" was a joke.
  2. Lol you removed the picture but not before I saved it! That's the one you posted. That's my mirror link http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/630731953313421307/A8203826901E787DED08D4EA007A6B910D3EB0D9/ That's your original image link, which contains enough identifying information to report you. Ahhhh it feels good to be a jerk sometimes Well it was supposed to be a joke.
  3. I have a Monk that I think would be better than a huntress. 250kdps. 85% resist across all boards. 150 points in Repair stat (tower boost to heal tower also). Fully upped huntress guardian/imp/fairy, whatever you prefer. Or I could use my huntress with 150k dps and nearly same stats. SteamID: Waltz22
  4. BoneBow: Looking for Pristine gloves/boots with resist or a decent Crystal Tracker. Thanks
  5. Hello, I'm intereted in bone bow 1. I have a giraffe 79^ 24/26/24/25 tower stat. Steam ID: Waltz22
  6. Hello, I'd like to buy four pieces for 50m: c6, g2, b3, and h2 My steam ID is waltz22. If you don't want to sell altogether, I'll bid 15m on the first three and 5m on the last item
  7. Hello, I'd like a weapon. I added you. steamid: Waltz22
  8. Hello, I'm looking for any 35^ or better pristine gloves (top priority) and boots with high resist all around. Steam ID: Waltz22
  9. I'm interested in the CT. Would you do a pure mana trade for it? I also have two 49up huntress guardians, a 55 up huntress guardian (all upgrades into dmg, additional tower, then tower atk) and a few other garudains. Search waltz22.
  10. Ill show you for free. You can even lvl a char if you want
  11. Sorry, Done. I let a friend have one. I let someone who helped me with advice reroll his giraffe, and someone gave me an offer I could not refuse
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