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  1. Correction on Class Pets; They soft cap at 20, you can't upgrade past 20, but they can spawn with more than 20. The hard cap is 40, anything above 40 has the same effect as it does at 40.
  2. You just need to complete Summit with a Monk out during the boss.
  3. Does the actual effect cap at 40 or is it that you cannot upgrade past 40? This is for the guardian boost I am asking. I have a 59 boost guardian but was gonna try for a 100+ boost guardian to replace it, but if the effect is only going to be that of 40 boost anyways why bother? You can't upgrade past 20, they can spawn with above 20, but anything higher than 40 will have the same effect as 40.
  4. I'm at the highest my monitor can handle. I need a hd one, still havn't upgraded that. I don't think your monitor runs at 800x500. Use imgur or some other hosting site, imageshack re-sizes images by default.
  5. Solo'd it today, boss took 25 minutes. Used Kandar's build in the op but added one harpoon at the north-west. Left me with enough DU to make 3 harpoons for the boss. 700/1600/450/750 tower squire as active with tower weapon and hunt guard 1800 HP squire walls, 1200/1200/600/300 monk auras used, no traps. During boss, followed him around placing harpoons point blank (if I knew where he would spawn) then summon, distract the mini-djinn so they're out of the way of the harpoons, they'll just follow you around or attatch to a random tower but they don't do much damage. After every cycle on
  6. Trendy has nothing to do with the Cubicle Ninja website. Post your comments/problems to the appropriate thread. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?25897-New-web-based-strategy-tool
  7. Yea I kept checking my map but he was no where on it. I was only doing it on Hard just to check placements and do trial runs for timing on NM building so it wasnt a big deal but frustrating I could not find him. You have to listen for him. There's a pinging noise, and that means he's in one of the lamps nearby. Use the sound to figure out the general area of where he is, the lamp that he's in will have purple smoke coming out of it and it'll be jumping around a bit.
  8. Is the build youve got there for nightmare adzicents? Yep, just did it on hard to illustrate the build.
  9. This is what I used. I've only attempted it once but it got me to wave 12 and I only failed before the boss because 6 Djinn swarmed one choke.
  10. No, there's no reward for HC Myth Defender, but there is one for all challenges HC NM.
  11. Making his traps smaller so he can place them closer to the entrances and/or crystal.
  12. Well im not sure about dungeon defenders, but if you get banned for cs 1,6 it comes to every valve game on account. (not 100% will it come to source games too) But yeah it might be different with non valve games. Got problem: Cant open folders in item box? Pretty tricky cause all of my armors and pets are in folder.. VAC bans are engine based. If you get VAC'd in 1.6, you're VAC'd in every goldsrc game i.e. Half-Life, Team Fortress Classic etc. If you're VAC'd in CSS, you're also VAC'd in DOD:S, TF2, HLDM:S etc.
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