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  1. thani you dear sir it helped shall I use it everytime or just once?
  2. no steam window pops up saying launching then it disapears and game dosen't start I was playing scince early alpha I'm a council specs have nothing to do with it
  3. Using steam, I uninstalled it and installed it over again, didn't help is this normal
  4. Using steam, I uninstalled it and installed it over again, didn't help is this normal?
  5. I will stop playing untill you manage those invisible unkillable units! It is impossible! They are also appeared on other maps Iamisom
  6. for me it is 2 blury and my eyes tired to fast
  7. postprocessing and not [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]
  8. Is it blury? [IMG][/IMG]
  9. He asked me to post my gear here [IMG][/IMG]
  10. are they going to change gear setting because this is not interesting in DD 1 there were sets whole economy was based on it. It was interesting to get certain piece it was burning OMG I wasnt that ultimate+ chest piece so bad. But this.... I feel nothing.... well gear whatever..... There is no excitment here No economy
  11. I played while leveling all my 3 to 15 on hard, now I'm playing on 15-20 on hard so you have to understand how many games on hard it takes to lvl three chars to 15
  12. Is there any message on this forum where anyone said that timers are good or he likes timers? I bet there are over 10 messages where ppl asked you to get rid of them people don't like it! but no it still exists!
  13. what happened to the loot system? no more myths or legs! I played everything on hard total like 100+ games I picked 2 legs and 4 myths!
  14. Thank you for killing the timers! NVM you didn't .........................
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