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  1. Why are you surprised? The guy who does less work gets less pay. If I work at my job for 20 hours, I should earn more than my colleague who works for two. Some people get gaming and work confused, or so it would seem. I really think that people who think they have achieved something when they ''work'' for 10 hours farming a map have never ever and will probably never achieve anything in real life, which is why they think they are so special and good when they do stuff like this in the virtual world. They started with a great idea for a game and then ruined it. Just when I started to pro
  2. Not me :D Real gamers are BORN and NEVER die. My first game console was NES at 6 and been going strong ever since. The Atari came out in 1977........NES in Europe in 1986, so you were born in 1980.......
  3. Alas...+1 for truth. +1 here too. It's funny how threads like this bring out the same old brown nosers. And if you look at the join date of a lot of the people who say it's OK to be so hard unless you have the expensive gear, you'll see that they got there gear and progressed when the game was very easy to play and there were bugs where you could get free mana, etc. This was a good game but a bit easy when I started but now it's too hard and they expect you to spend hours a day farming mana, because if you want to get the best gear then you need to have the best gear but it will take a stu
  4. Well if you want a monk guardian, why not farm hard summit? It could be done easly pre-super loot and probably a lot easier now. I have a few Monks but wanted a good one, not a 30ish level max, one. Never mind, I unlocked it and it's gone now...just like pages of good spec Godly armour and upgraded weapons that were in my shop........it would cost millions and millions to get them back....and if they roll it back I'll lose over 50 mill that I earned today and the level I got. (I was on a few hours!). I'm sick of the sight of the lab and it's just annoying how those ninjas jump on your head
  5. This. We should never have to run a player shop to buy something from the tavern. Don't worry, they have taken care of having to run a shop..... by deleting everything in them with the latest patch.......
  6. Good news! I just logged in to find that the monk guardian I was saving up for hadn't increased in price to 200 million! Just 183 million and 6 thousand. Phew, I was worried there. :| Hahahahaha..... I love a good bit of sarcasm. The Monk in the shop isn't even that good, it's level 55 (?) and so not worth 200,000,000 at all. Why is there never any good weapons or armour in the shop? Never mind, at 200,000,000 I couldn't afford it anyway. Why are they so determined to destroy lower level/non pro players moral by doing things like this, after all it's these people who are the bread and
  7. I locked a Monk Guardian which was at 30,000,000 a few days ago and now it's 200,000,000 please tell me this is a bug and that I'm not supposed to farm (be bored S less) for a week to get it.
  8. "are we still required to run (mixed) mode survival for hours?" and that's if you don't get disconnected or kicked near the end by some A hole. It's more fun getting your own gear than buying it in a shop, but not if you have to spend hours, in one session, doing it: only players with all the best gear and the time to do this and then sell it would disagree, as they want to keep the shop prices high.
  9. I moved over the DunDefHeroes.dun file from no Steam on D to Steam version on C but it won't let me use them online. :(
  10. Thanks Jerimis. That wasn't where I saw it before but it gave me the info I was looking for. :)
  11. Thanks, that's really helpful.
  12. Hello. I have played the game a while and now I'm downloading the Steam version and would like to move my saves over to it. I read a post 'somewhere' about how to do this but I can't find it again, so could someone please post a link. Thanks. :apprentice:
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