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  1. Sorry, can't delete the pictures at the bottom of my starting post :/
  2. Item: Current Bid: 30 CV - Escev Accepted Currency: Diamonds (5/10/15)/Cubes/Events. (8 Coal = 1 CV) Auction Info: End date: 06/03/19 Each bid in the last 24 hours will extend auction by 24 hours I may decline bids, if I do so I'll try my best to give a good reason though. Any questions? Contact me on Discord Vact0n#3622
  3. Hey Senjinator I hope you get well soon and we can welcome you in our midst again. Would be great to see you around in DD:A or just chatting, when you are in the mood for it. Wish you all the best in the future and take care of yourself! 1. Ball Blaster 2. Greater Magicite of the Wind 3. The RainMaker https://steamcommunity.com/id/Vact0n/
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