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  1. Hi guys, I have noticed that Sand Viper when there is more than 2... and there is only one enemy, they will not all atack the same tarjet, it works in a way that only one Sand Viper will attack at at time when there is no free tarjets. I would sugest to change that to be if there is no Free tarjet, then attack one that is already being attacked. (so dont get a rest unless there is no tarjets on range) Why? well if you compare to Flamethrower, Canon ball and other tower, they attack the enemy no matther how many towers are tarjeting them. This helps to increase the damage when there is a mini boss, also is kind of patetic to see 4 Sand vipers in one single lane and just one attacking.
  2. Forget.. I got one range Shard, with it, the volcano can get a nice range.
  3. Yes, I know before the Shards, the Volvano was dummy, too much range, but now you guys killed it... The balls of lava are too slow and have kind of bad rate of fire. You guys must add a little more range, the volcano is usable when you can start hiting the enemies from far aways. Just make the range close to 6000. (even with ascension you will get up to 7500, and will lost a 1500 damage)... the problem is range vs DU vs usability. Same with the Sky Guard, when it starts to hit the aerial mobs, they are already in range to tarjet and hit the towers. Just enhance bot a little, dont neet to make them a broken tower.
  4. with the buff, I really got nerfed, lost 30K hp on my Arcanes, they still good, specially because cheap and have a lot of resistance. But don-t forget that they should be used in build where you dont need to lvl up them, I mean all is dead before they reach the Arcanes. so the true is they are used to avoid kobols run into the cores!!!
  5. reduce damage to 50%, reduce explo to a max o 400, and increase HP. Plus add pierce trough walls so they will not be able to clean a map but will be fun to see all them shoting everyting!!!
  6. I barely disagree because you are forgetting one important part, Power Leveling, some players make the mistake to power level their friends without letting them learn the issues of doing their own builds, making them have 2 or 3 lvl 50 chars with 650+ items and they never did a single build. That is one of the reason you found a lot of ppls that doesn't know how to play or what to lvl up, it's funny cause those players normally thinks they must lvl up the shields or walls, when we really need to lvl up our archers, or they run in all the map trying to heal and check defenses and they doesn't notice they just luring the kobols or Ogres. I had seen ppls that fight Ogres cause they think they need to help, but they are doing that being on top of the defenses, the Ogres gets the agro and just jumps next to them... all defenses down... and lets not talk about air kobols.... I agree with anti idiots builds, but sometimes you do fast builds, that you know works, but all ppls must know what they must do!!! (and for sure you will notice those ppls that were carried or power level, they have high level armors but don''t know how to use them)
  7. Combos like: SA with slow and Purge + Archers with Explosion. One single dead will explode doing AOE damage. You will notice how enemies falls in groups. Basically add SA to any tower and that will create the Crowd Control with AOE explosions.
  8. 1) It was clearly implied over all your posts that you would. 2) True, especially now that many people have at least 1 Dragolich, but since stacking Dragolich debuffs has been fixed, it's sometimes better to bring CC pets if everyone else is already using a Drago. I'm not usually toxic to people, but what I am toxic towards are ridiculous regulations imposed by someone on the rest of the team that compromises the fun they get. Even worse, you're passing it off as if it's a universally known truth in DD2. "Playing with ogres is asking to be kicked" is just about the dumbest excuse I have ever heard in all my time in DD2. I'm flattered that you think 'toxic attitude like mine is why public games are so difficult', because hey hey, I'm of the exact same opinion of yours as well~ I understand his meaning of: "No no NO, don't engage ogres! I WILL KICK YOU IF YOU DO!!!". Is not that he will kick you if you attack the Ogre, is what you do when attacking the Ogre, like luring him near the defenses, and you being close to the Ogre causing him to trigger the earth slam that will destroy near defenses, for sure If I see you doing that and ignoring our request to stop doing that, you will be kicked. This is the same crap that will happen in some build in Betsy, where you can do just archers and SAs, but in the last round you must stay in the back, but some ppls just run like crazy over all map, causing Betsy breath to kill the archers.
  9. Similar here. I used it to optimize my gear. Mostly Squire....I think I used it for Monk a few times. :-p me too, I was able to finish 2 o 3 of my main builds.. the Squire, the Trapper and the SA. and yes got a lot of good items for the others... but... look at this, for the ones that complains: - Before you being able to do the wheel, you need to farm Gold and Tickets. for gold you need to have the Gold Farming armors + know what maps to farm + splody harpoons (this one was optional)... a lot of newbie players didn't know how to farm gold, in fact you must be an average/old player to really know how to farm Gold. All that time plus the time you need to use the Wheel, and not, even if the item was iPWR 700 doesn't means it was good, bad drop on correct passives. - Now, let's go to the old way, farming maps or Onslaught: just join a current round 8+ Onslaught and leech, so hard right? to be honest, only the very old players had a bad time farming, today anybody can have good 690+ items just joining open games and being AFK. I did that a lot, even before the wheels, was able to found good and nice players that carried me on NM4 maps, I was able to find a lot of good items and also learned the tactics and how passives works (and there were still Resistance lanes!!!)... Today I-m returning it and I leave players join my AFK onslaughts so they can have their free 690+ items and that is a looooooot easier than farming gold for the Wheel! so what is my point? there is no need to complains about the wheel when current games allows easy looting. (and with the next change it will be easier cause all the passives will comes in a single item.)
  10. As a "Casual Player" (job, house chores, two boys, etc... :) ) I think I can afford about an hour on each day... And my wife still complains about that... So, I would like to spend that time (1 hour for about 3 maps) doing the maps I want to play... maybe for the gear I want. I don't want to play forgotten ruins five times. As a counter point, I do like the idea of naming maps to play since it has the players revisiting maps maps not played any more... but, just not 5 times... not even 3. Maybe twice is the max. Also, I never had any issues with 'many' of the previous daily challenges. The only ones I had issue was the "gain xxx pet affection levels" and the onslaught ones. Thinking back, the "ignite", "Trap challange", "aura strike", etc. They were actually pretty good as well. They should come back... A pro tip for you, if you really want to do the dailies for the DM, do the maps in Campaign Easy. Gates takes only 3 rounds to finish, others are around 4-5 rounds by game. You can put Electric auras or Archers, or anything that deal NM4 damage around the spam point and you will get all the 3 dailies in less than 1 hours. So if you are doing them daily you will not have issues.
  11. Ok.. I will tell you why I would kick a player: AFK when it must not: As minimum pick mana, give mana Idiot or newbie that is luring kobols or ogres near defenses, making the defenses go down. (normally in AFK maps). To avoid this, check what other ppls are doing, and ask what to do, also please check the chat and follow instructions.4 Friends playing in Public, one got disconnected, waiting for the missing one (sorry but those games can be in public, then when one of the 4 friends leave, you can allow a random player to join, there is no need to private unless you really wants to avoid randomsYou are delaying our game, its time sensitive or just AFK without G for a long time, that makes us lost time. You can be kicked due that.You join a map, and then start to ask for a different map, maybe we can help you, but don't spam and don't be annoying. We were playing our current map for a reason. An already know player that will break the game.and sorry I really don't want you in my room.... waiting for another random!! how to avoid those issues: When in Roma do as Romans do. Ask, talk, communicate, do you need my help? do you need a dps, do you need a builder? can I afk? As example if I start and onslaught, I know after Round 8 everything will be maxed and you can AFK at 100%, just some casual check on defenses to see if anything got damaged, at that point you will notice everybody will be AFK, but if you goes and try to attack the Ogres and Kobols and that causes them to destroy defenses, then you are doing something stupid... or you stay inside the Serenity Auras, just draining them and you don't heal them.... again you are doing something stupid... you can be kicked. I remember being in games where after round 35 I went to sleep, and when I wake up, I found the same 3 players still there, sometimes they went and healed defenses. and we in rounds 90!!!!
  12. All I see is like you are making it easier to farm armors, parts and all that... this is getting more like DD1, where you could share all your armors, already don't like, I prefer the need to farm by class, like an RPG where you need to farm mage clothes or paladin armors
  13. We've said the Carnival is coming back. Nothing yet about the wheel. Our focus right now is making the core gameplay more fun and more challenging. But we understand how the wheel frustrated hardcore players. :) "we understand how the wheel frustrated hardcore players"-translation-We know some of you have this incessant need to compete with each other over the size of your gear, I mean ipwr of your gear, and this wheel allowed people who dont sit in onslaught 12+ hours a day to threaten your manhood of super uber eliteness, we apologize and will re-work it. Lol like if farming gold and tickets were free... at least 4 or 5 hours of gold farming just to get 4-5 real good parts... and let's not talk about the amount of crap items taking space on the inventory, oh! and don't forget about the time it would take to roll 1.000.000 gold even using scripts... that was almost the same time it takes to do onslaught but with less chance of get legendary items (roll+farming). I really don't understand the complains about the wheel, it was not for free at all, you needed a lot of time and farm, and the items were not as OP. Getting 700 iPWR is not the same as getting a real good item. (% passive, correct stats)
  14. Well seems like all you don't like them, but they accomplish their purpose, now you must play to get your daily done, no more lazy 3x1.
  15. I know why he do that, well he posted it in the previous page, but I understand cause I do the same: It's more secure, the damage concentration is better, so less chance for a part of the build to fall down when you are in Youtube. xD. I know there is a faster build, but the archers next to the core can be raped by kobols or snipers. Nowadays I have a build (hadn't seen the video, blocked in work) where I put 6 archer next to top Core and 10 next to bottom core, plus reflection walls and buff beams, with that build all archers damages all the lanes. Can AFK since round 1, but well need to lvl up, at round 8 everything is maxed and you don't need to repair until maybe round 90+ just be sure to G and move. Normally I do 2 monitors: a Movie or anime in monitor 2 and DD2 wiht Macron in Monitor 1. So its perfect for work and other moment where you cant be concentrated in the game!
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