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  1. That can be further simplified to DPS = DP * 0.4 * (50 + DS)/300 Or DPS = DP * 0.4 * (1 + 0.02 * DS) / 60
  2. Wethospu quote: damage = initial damage / (1 + resist / 500) Some values: 50 resist -> 9.1% reduction 100 resist -> 17% reduction 250 resist -> 33% reduction 500 resist -> 50% reduction 1000 resist -> 66% reduction 2000 resist -> 80% reduction 10000 resist -> 95% reduction
  3. Bumping this in case it was missed because of holidays.
  4. And why would someone have to read 50 pages of threads?
  5. I suspect that the actual effect is 10% what is advertised. With 775 attack speed you get 7.5/(1+0-02*775) = 0.4545 tick rate. With 1% bonus that becomes 0.4545 / 1.01 = 0.4500. With 1.5% bonus that becomes 0.4545 / 1.015 = 0.4478
  6. Bonuses may not stack. What is your the highest effect?
  7. They are here to make a game. If you really need to know what they do on daily basis you better become their boss or start some serious stalking.
  8. Zea quote: Not true. As far as blaze balloon is concerned, its duration = recharge at roughly 820 speed (at max rank), and I've never had it burst twice on the same "group" of mobs. Even then, you have so little charges of it that you are doing yourself a disservice by jacking it's speed (unless you are using walls, i suppose), so speed is mostly irrelevant. For poison dart throwers, because their attack cone is so narrow, you only hit an enemy a couple of times and the damage is abysmal. It's your poison that does the majority of the damage, and it ticks for 5 seconds after the final hit. Y
  9. If it was free there would be a huge amount of people trying it and then forgetting about it because of bugs, lack of content and so on. They rather want to give a good first impression to the masses when the game is ready. With a cost they get more hardcore people who more likely stick with the game and give feedback, which is useful during the development.
  10. Dart thrower or blaze balloon don't have a static attack rate. Their poison and burn effect have. So the rule "Power = Speed + 50" also applies to them. However, lots of towers have secondary effects which only benefit from attack speed.. For example cannonball stun, ballista spec, geyser launch/drench, earthshatter launch, etc. In those cases "Power = Speed" might be closer to optimal but it's hard to estimate and depends on what you consider good.
  11. Put your item in the middle.Put random items around it.Press ok.Lose items and some gold.Put your item in the middle again.If you put enough items your item leveled up and got upgrade points, if not, go back to step 2.If you want upgrade more, go back to step 2.Apply upgrade points to improve stats.
  12. https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/initiatives
  13. Please try to use correct terms for your questions. It's not exactly clear whether you are referring to an apprentice focusing on Ability Power stats and abilities or an apprentice focusing on elemental weapon damage. I suspect you mean the former so I will try to answer that. At least huntress's abilities scale linearly so 50% increase in Ability Power increases ability damage by 50%. With 136 Ability Power at level 25 and like 600 Ability Power from gear your abilities can deal 550% as much as damage than without any gear. Perhaps even more with high-end gear. Whether it's really any use is
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