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  1. Here a faster solution: Delete the file call: "UDKInput.ini.local.ini" in "...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Dungeon Defenders 2\DunDef2\UDKGame\Config" folder. Than restart your game.
  2. SAme probleme here, ive meet someone with this probleme in a lobby, so i tryed to change the key binding, and now impossible to get it working back :s Even restoring default or whatever. Its a critical bug :s
  3. I can comfirm, since im back on the game (a bit more than 1 month) their is this probleme, when i create a public game i have to say something like "do not build or it will lag". I think it is not good for keeping new player. For me, the most important part of your game is the cooperation, and its not possible to have 2 builders in the same game :s
  4. Here you can see a 65%, the lowest value ive got:
  5. I confirm, the text has changed with last update: Before it was: Serenity Aura now slows enemies inside it to X% of their speed. And now: Serenity Aura reduces enemy move speed by X% inside Serenity Aura.
  6. We are having the same issue since the last update.
  7. And if you build, their are a ton of numbers everywhere :s Here an example:
  8. I just checked again, it is not anymore in the require material, and i did some test rotting egg, and didnt get it anymore :s Thats why i was wondering.
  9. Hello, I didn't played the game since a long time, and i have some "Shellium Shard". Is their still usefull ? or can I sell mine ? Thanks
  10. I'm playing in EU servers (Ireland) The bug append realy often, but not only on liferoot map, i got the same probleme en "Dead road" too (only these 2 maps) 2 tests i did today: 1] Joining a game on wave 3 when i was playing Huntress, they wase already 3 players (so we were 4 when i joined) => no minimap 2] Creating a game from the war table in the town, set the limit to 750 IPW, playing aprentice, i was alone (it was the 2nd time i did the map in the same "session") => no minimap Hope it could help you fix it ;)
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