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  1. This is not an "early game" issue. This was an issue solely based in the events in my opinion. Almost all the gear you get from the campaign, and free play*, is pretty close to the level you would be if you did every quest and mission. * With free play, if someone just completes the campaign and jumps into Freeplay - Hard Throne room and then complains about not being able to use the gear, I am sorry; but it is your fault. Do not play content above your level, it's that simple. Removing level restrictions would of allowed a level 1 character to be wearing level 50 gear because of the event, that would be one of the worst decisions ever. I understand you are frustrated, but you can get from 1 - 50 in probably 6 hours of slow paced playing. You can get from 1 - 38 (the maximum level of gear in free play) in probably 2-3 hours of slow paced leveling. The late game does not have this problem because all the gear in the NM realms are level 50. The early game is plagued by getting gear well before you can use it if you enjoy a challenge. Freeplay hard, the Gates of Dragonfall, is possible with a level 16 squire with crap for gear and gives level 28 gear. Perhaps the answer is to tweak the general difficulty of the game.
  2. The filtering added is at times useful but it is hard to use. The drop down does fit in the one bags space making it difficult to set. That we can only set one filter is also irritating. If would be nice to be able to set a bag to capture all legendary or mythic items, sell on round start any blue, and sell any green, white equipment on pickup. Being able to further filter by equipment traits would be wonderful.
  3. A number of the current towers do not seam like they should work together vary well. The apprentice towers fireball and freeze ray for example. Cooling something down just to heat it back up seams off. What if towers had equipment that set damage type. The ball tower could be set to water damage and the ray freezes the mob slowing it further. The ray could be reconfigured to shoot oil, and then explosions could light the mobs on fire. Some damage types may hinder each other fire and ice for example could reduce damage the others damage by a significant percentage. This would allow a lot more customization in play.
  4. The current game is a grind just to get the gear that you need to even try the next level. The challenge is luck over time vs skill and placement. Completing the highest level mission you can get a few rounds into over and over just hoping that you get a good drop is why my friends no longer play. A grind with too little reward breaks the skinner box. Let people farm the components to modify the gear. No limits to the number of modifications, if you have the components you can refactor the gear. One mod might edit a single entry, another could replace a trait, another could make the item more rare, another might reset the gear at the same item level / rarity. Another way to do this would be to add slots to the gear. Then people would farm both gear and gems. Gems could level with experience or maybe via combination. Either of these could make it possible to get gear reliably over time, luck would still play a factor to play the reward game.
  5. Why is it that I can farm gear that I cannot use... yes this is a early game issue but it adds irritation before people get to the end game content.
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