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  1. Suggestion: GET OFF OF THE STEAM/PS4 FRIENDS LIST - IT's ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL TO HAVE THEIR FUNCTIONALITY INTEGRATED WITH THE GAME'S. REALLY, IT IS! BUT DON'T YOU HAVE AN EXCLUSIVE ONLINE NETWORK OF SERVERS, THE PLAYVERSE? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WORK ON A FRIENDS SYSTEM INGAME VIA IT. I've been on steam for 8 years with this account and have 141 friends. I've got about 30+ friends added to my list from DD2 alone, since late last year. I hate it. I can't think of other steam multiplayer games that required this much out of game friending in order to set up more convenient and specific groups later. And you sometimes feel like playing solo, only to get an awkward scenario when someone joins a private game without asking (That's on the 'friend' though, the other lesson here is be careful who you add) " I just feel like getting my dailies done quick", only to then end up in an awkward scenario where you feel held hostage, or an like ass after you ask them to leave. Lose, lose. Often easier to play signed off from the respective friends list so you can find groups on your terms - if you want.
  2. Soooo, Pet Power Up Update, when? Seriously there's dozens of bad damage skills, and a few other awful "utility" skills on pets that really need to be reconsidered or tuned up. The problem only exist when you stop thinking about the rest of the pets - but curse aura , poison tips, and bearkira maelstrom have pretty high usage for good reason. It's the rest of the pet abilities that need a little love. Edit: There have been many game breakers and crazy things added to the game in the last several months. The game is currently easy, and only gotten easier with every update since resistance removal. Do you really NEED a dragolich? If you bring poison tips and pop when your friend pops Drago, you'll be doing planety crazy enough damage like that. And the game is easy enough with none of those things. Really, now...
  3. It would be a good idea. for testing and playing purposes alike. Until then do NOT select an old game session in the server browser that no longer exists - full wait until timeout every time, if it happens to be one that isn't up and running anymore. Yikes
  4. Needs some polishing, and need some more more iteration on balance and changes, but for a first pass on such things, plus the newborn baby server browser, this patch is probably my favorite since starting the game. Seriously guys, great work and keep the ball rolling. Would love to see organizable list options for the server browser (Ping, player count, server name alphabetically, map name alphabetically, ipwr, across all modes separate and together) Also, this is a symptom of a larger issue, but while it's great to have some control over who enters a game with ipwr requirements, people will still pull the Carnival Wheel for joining game - keeping a set of any generic crappy white/green/blue gear around that has the highest ipwr, slapping that on a toon and then reaping the ipwr based rewards. On that note, public play with such requirements is discouraged by the fact that many unique legendaries that are now 'farmable' are dropping in sub "1k ipwr" (*???) maps - dropping at 620-660 ipwr range. Endgame players want the best, and ipwr will take a hit if opting for some of this stuff, especially if replacing 750 ipwr gear. Solo play is not a problem, but the pain in the arse of fishing out your 760 ipwr toon (ALLOW HERO HOTSWAPPING AT THE BROSWER) or adding him/her to the deck usually ends up makes it faster to just make a solo game instead. This just highlights some of the issues with the ipwr system - If things could be ludicrously upgraded with a rework to how ipwr and upgrades are respectively calculated, then it would be rewarding to turn a 660 ipwr Arma into a 740 one with a little hard work. Ipwr gains through few and limited upgrades are marginal however. Also I'm sorry for trash talking PDTs. *Seriously, why do nm4 maps say "1000 ipwr" "1100 ipwr" "1020 ipwr" there's no context for it, the tooltip over the map will say what ipwr items the map in question actually drops, so what does that first number mean? I've always wondered since starting.
  5. Mine are currently at 5060 dps tier 1. They seem a lot better if yours are 5k then you had 3.5k before the patch. so you are up 1.5k dps. Mine are 4.9k (got a small upgrade) before the patch they were 3.4k. Are you seriously saying these are balanced with Proton Beams? Yes. Proton beams do not have any elemental combos. Proton beams have terrible d pow scaling, and insane D crit scaling. That's why no one upgrades them or uses frosties on them in a meta fashion. LA's however can tick stupidly high damage in a lane with several frosts. Throw in a couple of geysers and SAs and all you need to do now is watch air. And you could do that since they removed resistances, and in phys resistant lanes prior. It never stopped working, just got outclassed by rams over geysers, and archers over LAs due to supreme coverage and no need for frost. Are you suggesting the LA should hit as hard normally as the proton beam does critically? For the cost of just one node? Along with its forementioned elemental and frost synergies? U crazy. And, to that end, I would say you're fighting the wrong battle. (I havent hard spec'd LA in awhile, just kept my monk to SA for reasons listed above) But I recall being just under 3.4k pre patch. I am now 4.4k post patch. Both are more then viable when used properly. I was hoping for a range buff instead to be honest. Meanwhile, LSA is still almost impossible to smartly incorporate into a build, even with a proper harbinger fist weapon - I've yet to get a perfect one, but the couple that rerolled from prepatch aren't doing it for me. It's just too niche of a defense in a game that needs nothing like it currently. Did you see those other ubers though? Heavy Cannons and ele chaos are insane now. I'm slightly bummed LSA didnt get more love this patch. That being said, did you watch the devstream friday? This is just the first itteration. No need for such kneejerk reactions. Sometimes I wonder if open alpha was the was to go. I'm reading some very bizarre things posted since the last patch. Do people even know what they want? Do I even know what I want?
  6. Get yours while you can - and yeah, still 9,870 left. So, actually take your time :3 thank you for bringing this to attention, OP! o20WxrhXXnIzD3
  7. Each incursion has had a gimmick or mechanic of some sort. This one's is a timer. In game design there is true difficulty and arbitrary difficulty. Difficult involves full use of all things at ones disposal, capitalizing on weaknesses, and playing up strengths - genre dependant. Arbitrary difficulty is just beefing up numbers without introducing anything new. This could be beefing up health, or damage taken insanely (Think Skyrim master difficulty, or Dark Souls I, fighting the first boss before getting any gear), or reducing free time, or introducing a timer. This map is a fine example of arbitrary difficulty. It is by far the hardest of the new incursions (and all, I would say, right up there with temple incursion). I had my proper frustrations making attempts on the map solo and blind, not reading anyone's builds or advice. The first 2 runs were a question of not enough time with a spread but full defense (seriously, have you considered players might not have optimal connections, and that build placement can be a nightmare!?), and the next few runs were builds built faster and faster with less time spent in build phase doing so. All failed as well, with one time out, and one mysterious crystal explosion unwitnessed. The final few runs were spent just placing walls and SA (10 seconds of build phase) then focusing on building archers before switching to a DPS. I had so many things slip past, through, or inbetween walls (which to be fair is a problem with the game, not the map) that I got far too salty and quit. For context I've played since last September, and can solo the previous two new incursions in my sleep. I avoid the proton beam cheese, but with 42k archers, 350% and 325% explosive arrows, a SA monk with 4.2k dpow and a 380% purge, large range, 367k squire walls, a 4,2k dpow frost mage with +96 FF/46% FP/18% SS, I have not found any need for yet another overpowered builder (based on a bug) in my build repertoire. I stick her to DPS. Remember when everything was easy for normal 4 heroes after they got rid of resistances but before people got their abyss lords earned/leveled? Geyser/LA/frost did just as fine as archer spam, save for air coverage. But this incursion is now difficult for most because of the contrived arbitrary difficulty that no one asked for (I know that's wrong, someone did), a timer. I was really bummed I couldn't master it after a dozen or so attempts. I wish I could've adapted to and mastered the timer for the sake of overall efficiency, and well, time...For all of you out there who have solod or group cleared this good for you. I don't want to call johns on my connection alone, surely playstyle and build account for much here, but I tried changing mine up a fair bit to no avail. My bottom line take away about this incursion is that adding a timer instead of some mcguffin gathering mechanic or whatever feels like a serious cop out design wise, and that I can't beat it makes me feel like a terribad - and I'm often critical of those who ask for enemy/map nerfs... I think I'm done till the next patch. *feelsbadman* EDIT: Got back to it and beat it using other people's ideas and builds. I still contend that the timer for a single incursion was a poor gimmick to go with - particularly compared to the previous new incursions, additionally this mechanic also could've been used for a different mode or variant on all maps later, But in the current state of the game timers are nightmares to players without ideal connections. But with all that being said, the new weapon is fun, the new map is notably harder (incursion or not), which was frustrating compared to the game's normal learning curve, but fun to master eventually.
  8. Screenshot selfies! CRTL+H Removes (and restores) the HUD. Holding B Rotates the camera freely.
  9. -Squire. I only have issue with the training dummy - because I've not gotten a decent Null Void sword, in quite some time of farming. It's been frustrating but the game is plenty playable without them. (Same luck for Arcane Resilliance on mage walls) Cannons were the best single target damage until archers showed up. Heavy cannons are a joke. Ballista can be viable if you specd a squire for it exclusively (Black arrow, speedy harpoon, and splody harpoon all on one sword is an RNG Nightmare!) -Mage - Have no tried active play on, but as far as offensive towers go, nothing is up to snuff. Mage walls viable with farming of harb wep, flamethrowers being viable in a few niche spots, but I've never seen flamebursts or earthshatters in nm4. -Huntress - With abby around this girl is out of work. No one I play with even touches explo/e chaos anymore. Blaze balloons are a farce, and if you actually go through the effort to make a huntress specialized in them, disappointment awaits. Poison dart tower is in this awkward place where its a wall but it isn't. Doesn't get blockade boost from boost aura, investing in it as a wall leaves you poor results as a tower. investing in power for it makes for terrible results as a wall. At least she still has the strong utilitarian geysers - electrocuting in LAs, shattering frosted foes, powerful burst, at a reasonable 30 DU cost. -Monk - Shines in resistance removed game. LA stronger then traps, and with better coverage are now more common. Rams/Geysers/Frost on those LAs make for a mean build. Boost aura is very rare and niche. You need to pile a lot of defenses into one to justify the DU cost. Would look into scaling of this. Serenity aura/purge evil is mandatory right now. Anti Air is alright - no other towers fills this role exclusively but 50 DU is a discouraging cost, why bother when 2 1/2 archers could do the work of 2 AA towers, while still covering a lane at the same time. -Abby Archers are insane. Rams are good, but if I do use them, never more then once per lane due to cost/range. ORc blockades and Colossus I'll never use because of the DU cost. Sure they can be insanely more healthy then a squire wall, but 40 DU per wall is too rich for my blood. I will never use these, and will instead double down on my efforts to obtain Arcane Resilience/Null Void. (But ideally I do love the idea of one super tower a hero gets to place. Colossus doesn't bring enough to the table to warrant usage, other then hundreds of thousands of HP more then a wall should need to need. If he actually takes that much damage then the build was wrong to begin with.) -Traps. I love using them when I can. Anything that has combo potential, or knocks enemies off the map are going to be loved much more. This is where knight statues and gas valves fall behind. Don't get me wrong, Ill pop stage traps that just do simple damage, but they do little to alter the game at a nm4 level. I will always use oil cauldrons with ram direct command though. More combo based traps and insta death hazards like the jet engine on liferoot would be the way to go.
  10. Just sayin' there's much more to elaborate on and talk about with disagreements and negatives then agreements. It's the difference between "Yeah, you're right" (which we have a button for) and "No, you're wrong and I'm going to tell you why...wall of text"
  11. I think that is pretty close to the right thing to say, though not worded... anything like that... The thing is, if you make stuff like spectral press "e" incursion, and then you fix the combat, you're going to be left with a map after the combat rework, where you can't be engaging in combat, because you're pressing "e" and running around. But I wanna have my cake and eat it too!
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