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  1. i have one is 15 mil in items good for u?
  2. **Complete Mail Armor Tower Damage Package** and Giraffe on a Treadmill I buy
  3. can you help me get master strageist? i only need a few more maps
  4. i buy #5 blasticus and the kobold douser how much? and do you have the green hamster
  5. trade first giraffe for a full godly pristine hero damage set already upgraded all into hero damage deal?
  6. my bad is 27/27 not 26/26 and offer for it not good on prices
  7. i have 1279/9/71/6 26/26 offer if interested
  8. i have a hero damage godly pristine set trade for giraffe
  9. ok give me either a couple of days or a week to find it but if i get it fast i tell you
  10. i was wondering if you guys can answer me this question what is the best ranged weapon for a monk and what is the decent ranged damage that you should actually spend your money to upgraded it
  11. yea i pm you when i get in a hour or so
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