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  1. Frosty tower freeze now, yes. BUT its not chill(slow), not give def speed and def power stats. They work fine at the start of the round, but after couple of seconds they start bugging. Its not just visual. Please make frosty, like it was before 9.0. The frosty is the main problem, really. This should be number one priority to fix. Seriously, how to play high difficulty, if player like me have only 4 builders, And the most effective build is frosty + traps, no way. I really dont know about new loot. I simply cant farm it since 9.0, i did not tested new loot. I got zero items from loot v2. I can
  2. Trendy, please, take care of this bug. We want our frosty back!
  3. it is really frustrating, i cant play the game for the 3rd day, cuz its not just little buggy, this bug break the game for builders.
  4. Played a game, and frosty still bugged for me
  5. bump, still not fixed, so much people confirm this problem + video on steam forum
  6. Yeah, i play liferoot NM4 and cant even finish 1st wave cuz of bugged frosty. You can check steam and bug thread on this forum, so much people have the same problem.
  7. iamisom already know about this bug, hope for the fix soon!
  8. Can you confirm this bug in the bug thread? Maybe it get fixed sooner, if more people confirm.
  9. They dont freeze and dont give DP.
  10. And frosty towers bugged. With tripwire nerf and frosty towers bug, game is unplayable.
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