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  1. I haven't played for a few months. I come back to the gear I grinded for more than a month now it's garbage! What the heck is going on, if I have to start off on any difficulty than NM4 I'm never playing again. I didn't waste a good chunk of my time just to have what I worked for taken away. I only played for the fact that there's no more wipes. But seriously my traptress had only flat def power, and health that's all gone now wtf.
  2. For all of you comparing the time it took from patch to patch on PC to determine when stuff will be coming on the PS4 makes no sense. It will be coming in a few months.
  3. Has anyone heard anything about this? I'd be rather upset if this is the way it's intended. Because there would be no point in making so many extra heroes, and, or having new classes.
  4. It's 9% of your defense health, and hero health. It does add up to 20k. 1 defense health doesn't equal 1 barracade health You seem to be really new based off of what you said about your equipment. Don't try to make a hybrid class they never really work out for harder difficulties.
  5. So the monthly might be here by the end of the week. Also for those that don't know the PlayStation network is down for unforseen reasons. No mention of when it will be back up.
  6. I'm assuming the new monthly quest isn't going to be coming in till trendy comes back from their 17 day vacation. Who else that works has a 17 day vacation?
  7. Yeah you can use both by having the uber sphere equipped or not
  8. You have to keep in mind that this is still in Alpa. There's bugs, and errors galore. Just submit a ticket. They're trying to fix lots of things, and release new content on PS4 as well. It's a lot of work. But they have had a huge chunk of time off of work. Let's just hope they jump right back in trying to release, and fix this. No testing the water with your toe first. Jump straight in.
  9. Damn, you guys. I feel really bad for you. Check your bag where all the pet stuff is. It should be at the bottom.
  10. I'm speechless. I have no idea what to reply to your message. Yeah, I am to but sometimes I accidentally either send junk to my inventory, or sell something I wanted to keep. That would be nice.
  11. Is anyone else just sick and tired of lockboxes? Every time you sell one you get an are you sure message. Yes I'm sure! Where the are you sure message should appear is with pet food, and eggs. So they're an important item, but they're only worth ten gold when you sell them? I know it's a way to fund the game, but gems are just too much real money. If gems were cheaper, and things still cost the same amount of gems more people would be buying gems. I really hate it when free to play games have a hundred dollar in game currency pack. I don't know why, but when it something costs that much for a
  12. That's no where near the max for any of those.
  13. This is incorrect. On higher difficulties, Onslaught is available on other stages. My point is only about the bugged sound in that particular map, but thanks for the feedback! Every map has sound bugs, along with the in-game audio controls. You get blasted when any cut scene comes on. This is incorrect. On higher difficulties, Onslaught is available on other stages. The highest IP map on onslaught is garbage. Why would you play it 790-855, when Nm4 Liferoot is 840-855. It takes long enough to get good gear grinding. Why waste time on anything less.
  14. If you have two PS4 controllers use another account to split screen. I've used a second character to get past the bug where you can't see LIferoot, and Wyverns Den. Also for the original, there's people like me that have been Nm4 for weeks now in my case around 2 and a half weeks. What are your barricades at? What are your traps at? What's your frosty power?, 4 legendary pets maxed? ect
  15. Woah, so how are they trying to make you 60WT for that? I'm rather disappointed. It seems like a lot of work to get something so useless. The normal tornado skill is better than what the uber gives you. That's just not right in my opinion.
  16. Does anyone have the lightning rod uber sphere, and if so does this work on bosses, and grounded enemies?
  17. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this, but it's rather annoying. Anyone know what's going on?
  18. You've just started Nm 4 and are not capable to do it yourself. I've been doing it myself for like a week an a half. Sounds like you've had everything given to you. Of course everything seems amazing when you first start winning NM 4. Once you've been at it as long as I have your input on the subject doesn't mean much. Anything you get is probably an upgrade to what you have.
  19. I have. I'll solo Nimbus onslaught, than I'll play it for awhile never get anything close to IP 855. Though I have found an IP 866 not sure whats going on with that, but oh well. I knew this would happen though. I'm gonna end up not playing the game in a few days, and probably never return to it unless something comes along that I can work towards beating. I don't think something like that is going to come along soon enough though. My stuff could get better but the loot drop is garbage. My mines at teir 3 with my frosties are hitting 100k+ dps. No idea what they hit for when the double trigger
  20. Proof read your post bro! It doesn't help your cause if it takes 10 min to read what you're trying say. Yh ik i was angry at tht time nd i didn't saw the mistake of putting both onslaught nd incursion i apologize fr tht. it was end game onslaught rnd 12 I'm just going to throw this out there but this is a forum not a text message... Um, I'm using my cell phone to reply to this. So, technically this is a text message. by definition Also, the whole "this is a forum not a text message" made no sense. I mean people understood it, but these are not forums we're sending on here they're mes
  21. Sorry, but what you said makes no sense. It changes nothing. Other than the time it takes to place the defenses. It's boring, you use your squire to place barricades, you switch to your apprentice to place frosties, you switch your monk to place sky guards, you switch to you huntress to place traps. That's a quarter of the game spent in building something you've built a hundred times before. It's just a waste of time. How does it take away from strategy? Seriously? Really? just because you can set your build down automatically it removes strategy? Do you even play the game, cause that's the
  22. I'm not sure if this has been suggested, but it'd really be nice to be able to save a build. Like where you place your defenses on a map, and save it. Then being able to load it with a press of a button. If you have a build that works you don't really change it.
  23. Soooo true m8 its f******* bs we grinding fr days on it. nm 4 incursion liferoot forest nd u gt drops with bs magic resist nd hero health etc etc its a joke Yeah, I'm trying to upload a post a picture of the drops I just got. It was horrible not even a epic
  24. Yeah, I've just recently played an Onslaught we're on round 14 fighting the boss, and I notice that there's a little red dot moving towards the objective. Immediately turn around and run to it. Right when I get there the goblin lands it's first hit on the Relic lens. I use my tornado, and knock it up. Then I get right up in it's face trying to agro it. It's just ignoring me, then another person shows up taunts still no agro. I guess if it can glitch past a barricade agro means nothing. It ends up destroying the lens in a couple hits. But that just seems how Onslaught goes. You play until somet
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