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  1. You do understand that once you beat the campaign the only objective left for you to do is grind out gear. So it's either you grind for gear or you just stop playing.
  2. First off did any of you read the patch notes when trendy released them cuz NOWHERE in there did they say the were going to reroll our gear. I just re-read the patch notes before posting this so I know I'm right. If I had known they were going to reroll my gear I would've filled my inventory with high lvl gear to have a better chance of not getting completely screwed.
  3. The reroll of all the gear was bs full legendary with hearty blockade turned into full ***ty dps gear even at ipwr 240 I can't beat a lvl with 40k blockade health. Scavenger should go a jump off the castle in ramparts cuz he's a waste of my time not to mention it took me 3 hours to find one piece of gear with hearty blockade. The only good thing was the 1mill in gold I got back from spheres. You guys nearly ruined the whole game for me.
  4. Just play the first map an let them destroy the crystal an it'll fix itself. As for incursion an onslaught you only get one map until you can do end game content.
  5. Try making your squire tower health based, apprentice tower attack based, monk tower attack based and the huntress hero damage based. Squire for his walls the more health the better, apprentice for his massively strong tower to deal the most damage, monk for the anti air attack an the huntress naturally does a crap ton of damage so she will be able to kill mobs quickly. With my huntress I went with hero damage an ability power she's stupid strong. That's my referred set up hope it helps.
  6. Come join me I know what I'm doing an my builds are good still working on better gear add me watchubleed
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