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  1. All other weapons that have far more maximum upgrades than this Sicarius seem to cost a lot less to upgrade. From lvl 12 to 13 on other weapons it seems to only cost about 250K mana yet on this weapon it's 1.1 mil?
  2. It used to cost about 100k Mana to upgrade an item from about level 12 to 13 (pre 7.12 patch). Now it costs 1.1 Mil. Where does this fit in with the statement in the 7.12 patch notes that says: [QUOTE]this will make Super-Loot style Items get more expensive to Upgrade at higher levels, but will have negligable impact to lower-level Items.[/QUOTE] It totally does effect low levels... that's like over 1000% more mana needed to upgrade it. Most low levels only have a few million mana in total and this is only for one level for one single item.
  3. Just wondered if you can do Insane Halloween runs?
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