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  1. tried it myself aswell, worked perfect besides me dropping an ult+ in a non-obtainable area "behind" the spawn^^ took way longer than 2.25, but that might have to do with my stats i suppose.
  2. I'm having the issue with just using the keyboard that you have to be pretty pin point accurate with the timing, otherwise the character just jump or the "normal" way to build activates. I also belive that this method might be more of less easy depending on keyboard/pc etc. However, it's not hard if you practice for some time to get the timing in right, either with macro or not. Don't think you need to feel bad for that ;)
  3. 6 cv on 380/381 leather glove 3 coal on 231 santa hat
  4. For making the LT stacking waaaayyyy easier i whould recommend to use a macrokey, im currently using my mouse for that purpose. Just bind "key which you have LT bound to" + Spacebar. 100% succes for me :)
  5. 2 cv on 385^ ult leather helm 4 cubes on 380/381 ult leather gloves
  6. 5cv on 313^ lether boots
  7. Just posted it on the IC thread now. I still don't really see the reaon for it to be posted there since all of the "useless" stats are covered. If this item was modified, it could just have 800 hero damage without you guys even knowing it. But if it makes you feel better, I just posted it there :) Could be hacked despite having bad stats on some parts, no? As you put it out now you could have used it for a cover up, to reduce the risk of someone thinking it's hacked. Just because it has some bad stats it could be hacked, otherwise we whouldn't need a IC thread imo. Not accusing you of
  8. Closed! Thanks for the bids, and i have added the winner on steam for the trade!
  9. Correct, and diamonds you get from having 88 coals in your inventory, which you get from completion WW :)
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