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  1. Is anyone that can play on C6 still playing? I have been trying to play the game but no one is able to build for C6 is on anymore. Did all the higher players quit?
  2. Sorry for the little information. I play on ps4. My husband can ping when he plays solo and when we couch co-op. I havent been able to use ping in a few weeks.
  3. My ipwr is 730. I cant start nm4 games because you need at least a ipwr of 800. I have no clue what i can play to get gear that is 700+. Nm3 games only have gear thats about ipwr of 620.
  4. I haven't been able to ping in two weeks.
  5. Started to play on nm3 and all minions were lvl 1 and all the loot was lvl 1 on ps4.
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