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  1. I am a ways of from a gaming PC but will look in to what I can do would be nice to add some prospective from more of the PS4 players.
  2. I have a DPS AL at 730 I know I'm dragging ass but got a lot o hero's so whatevs
  3. Now that the PS4 is hand and hand with the PC is there any plans for a PS4 testing group is so I would like to be in it. Also would give more feed back from players who can't right now do to only playing on PS4😭. Plz consider this would be awesome for the players and the devs.
  4. On a side note forgot to bring up that the ramster knight is also only attacking at 1/3 of the speed it should would like to use it but can't do to suckage. Plz fix and keep up the good work.
  5. One thing I haven't see addressed is that the abyss Lord flaming knight sphere is not working properly. It is only doing about 20% of what it should plz fix. Other than that great update and I look forward to the gun witch and seeing my wall Heath again. PS seriously bring that wall Heath back soon lol but really bring it back.
  6. I'm that's good just want to make sure they knew if it was a problem.
  7. Haven't been able to get in game since update please fix or is it just me.
  8. you cant just compare the numbers. and why do you think he is kidding when he points out a flaw in onslaught? i think the same about you in some threads ;) the flaw is that the hordes round is much easier compared to every other round, and it takes much longer. fullack to the abillity to start at a previous round Thanks. Someone who gets the point. The point is clearly about how tedious it is as compared to how challenging it is. People saying "Hey I once spent hours and hours and hours killing a trillion enemies" is hardly an argument against tedium. Make a game fun by making it challen
  9. I wish we could, but there's currently no way to propagate a test build to PS4 users. But if you're a PS4 user and you have access to a decent PC, you can still join us in our testing! :) sadly great laptop but i run Linux and can't get it. other wise i would :(
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