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  1. PFC-ROB

    Item Check Thread

    Item check Plz :) Boots Mana worth is 21,975,110 Helmet Mana worth is 19,845,816
  2. Ah, I see what has happened. Thank you both for you reply and welcoming :)
  3. Hello DD forums, I haven't played DD since Supreme gear released! Now that I come back, I see many things have changed; one is trading currency. I see people bidding with Cubes?!?! Are you guys talking about the Weighted Companion Cube? If so, how in the world do you guys get more than one? Haha, if I remember you can only get one of those via completing all the original Challenges on NMHC. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  4. PFC-ROB

    Item Check Thread

    Is there a way you can add a weapons/pets/accessories item check to the armor calculator?
  5. Upcoming Patch Notes 7.35 (ETA: 5/23) OMG YES!!! :sharken:
  6. :skeleton: muahaha, the game gets challenging and people complain
  7. Hello trendy, For starters, I am actually pleased with the inclusion of these "uber" mobs as I like to call them (spiders :spider:, djinns :djinn:, and sharken :sharken:). These returned a lot of interest into this game because I thought it was getting too easy and afkable... Many players think other wise but now I actually like to play survival with the added towers and mobs. But I do see a problem, uber mobs don't spawn as fast :(. I suggest adding like a "Supreme" or "Ethereal" mode w/e you want to call it. With this mode enabled, uber mobs spawn more frequently, like normal mobs, maybe not as common but a lot more frequently. Sharken and ogre :ogre: and djinn rushes in the beginning or end make the middle of the wave obsolete. This way, better geared players can really challenge themselves :). Loot quality is not important to me, just the increase in difficulty. This way, newer players can enjoy nightmare normally and us experienced players can try for some higher glory or bragging rights ;P muehehehe. :fyvern::kraken: New: The dedication you appear to have put in the new maps Moraggo Dessert and especially Aquanos is really great! I love the detail put in both maps.
  8. Lately, most of the threads started have been about hatred, complains, or bad comments. Why not cheer up and make a good thread once in a while eh? :)
  9. Dang it, can't play the new map yet :(. I believe steam has not released it yet.
  10. they are supposed to do that :) not a bug
  11. Then trendy makes it easy....er...... to reach level 83 and we all complain that its now too "easy" and no longer fun because everything is given to us. Nothing will make us happy.... just enjoy the game for what it is, reaching top level is very very easy compared to most other games. Making it easier (than it already is) will just make it non-challenging and boring.
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