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  1. wait, you mean that game that is updated once in a lifetime, and doesn't even NEED balancing because it's not an RPG? And was in beta till about last month?
  2. Sicarius and Nosferatu always had incredibly high upgrade prices. I don't remember if they were that high, but it was high.
  3. A friend and I just failed on wave 14 with 1 mob left twice because the mob got stuck inside the wall but in the purple circle at the southern-middle spawn point. First time it was a ninja, second time it was a small goblin. Same door, same problem. It was awesome.
  4. If I am the only person not quite sure what your point was then why did he ask this question? He asked because he figured that is probably what you were trying to get across but you didn't make it completely clear. His question was what patch I got it on, not how I got it, if it was mine, if it were hacked, if someone else had it, etc.. Apples and Oranges.
  5. And what did you intend to say about UMF Reward loot? Why would you say "wat" randomly? Is that some kind of complaint? If you said "WOW!" I would not be confused by your thread but you did not, so I was trying to ascertain the point you are trying to get across with this screenshot and the word "wat". What is "hmm" about? Is there are reason not to say "Look at the uber pet I got" if that is the point of the thread? A picture is worth a thousand words but those thousand words could be a different thousand words to every person that views it. If you don't provide a reasonable amount of
  6. And how did this become obvious when you didn't type anything except "wat"? How am I supposed to know if you are telling me "wow look at my cool loot" or "wtf look at this hacked pet in this dudes screenshot" or "sheesh the colors on this pet suxxors" or "I prefer the dark meat" if you don't actually type anything in your discussion thread? Well let's see, the title is "UMF Reward loot..." So that alone narrows it down to it's from UMF, the fact that I'm wearing one of the pets and looking at the other would say that it's mine. Come on watson.
  7. Brush by a mob = instant full mana It's a little more than 200 mana per swing at level 1. thats pretty random even on patch 12b all i got was a 106^ drake while i played today a mix mode survival and only got a crappy 59^ giraffe Did you do it solo? That was the MVP rewards. Did it with 2 people.
  8. You got a 125 pet on D? Lol, that should definitely be in the original post, lol! Fixed for you.
  9. omg nerf it..... why Upcoming (7.13) Patch Notes * 20% Buff to UMF Loot & Reward Qualities... for... items with 126 all stats ? plz NO It doesn't matter, they capped stats at + and - 126. ^this item in question won't be obtainable in the new patch, almost certain (can never be too sure) As we still won't be up to THAT good of stats. These are from the same run on 7.12D.
  10. Maybe you should actually type something if you had a point you wanted to get across. Maybe you shouldn't post in a thread that doesn't pertain to anything of your interest. They're my UMF rewards, obviously. How much mana does it give per shot? Haven't tested it out yet.
  11. Hmm.. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198027069750/screenshot/648746999490431146 From 7.12d, wat.
  12. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198027069750/screenshot/648746999476459127
  13. I mean the random bird pets not griffon or dragons or anything.
  14. bumped EDIT: after a few more tries I was able to host. Don't know why it crashed the first few times.
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