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  1. Hey guys, I have been trying to figure out which guardian of the 2 would seem fit for everyday situations rather than "SPECIAL" situations. What do you guys think? I'll give several scenarios to help you decide better as well. We ALL know, for those who tried, that a equal potency apprentice guardian with a huntress guardian, the apprentice wins hands down. But when put to battle, who reigns? Your doing Magus Quarters on Mixed Insane survival. Your using auras at each of the 3 chokepoints. You use apprentice towers. We'll just use my friends build and stats for this example, where the crysta
  2. Sorry to break it to you, but mana is worth nothing now to do glitch and hackers. On another note, even if it wasn't, the crystal tracker "specs" your looking for is at least worth a 79 up great statted giraffe.
  3. To be honest, I've seen lots of 70+ staffs everywhere, but only a handful of 69 Up Guardians with 35ish Potency, so yea, I'd agree with the other people as well that what you want is out of the question.
  4. @iluc Your steam id did not work. @The_starfall Sure, what from the list are you interested in? @dorislol Hm.. I feel a little sketchy, perhaps if you throw something small in on your side we can get to a deal. @dompis Hm.. Stats and upgrades on the monk guardian? @bluu22 I can make that deal.
  5. @poring Sorry, apprentice guardian have already been sold. And your giraffe good, but with 1 stat at 1, and 2 stats not above 20. I can't do monk weapon #2 and the app for it even if I still had it. I can however trade you the monk weapon #2 for the giraffe though, seems pretty fair enough.
  6. A crystal tracker OR a Crystal Tracker "look alike" may not have ANY projectile bonus. If you see anyone with it, they are HACKING. I have already reported 3 people with weapons like those. Not sure if the "GMs" have yet to do anything about it though.
  7. Quote Originally Posted by kizdean View Post Max upgrade is ^56 for weapons. Obviously new here. No doubt right? With super loot back, people are getting in the 68 upgrades as far as I know on insane survival on wave 25. And many Halloween weapons pass 56 upgrades. Jeez learn to play first before posting yeah?
  8. Are you looking for neutral or elemental dmg?
  9. I do not want to be an *** straight off the bat, but that is legit no doubt, I myself hold a 43 up Monk animus with around 2700 atk and a 46 up huntress animus with near 3000 atk. I have seen others with as good or near good. Max base is 270(to my knowledge based on other peoples drops since 1.10a. P.S. He might have just been real nice or whatever, but the item is legit. Him although, may or may not be, he could just be another hacker who can get w/e he wants so doesn't care to give away items or he could be a REALLY nice guy. Cause as far as I know, a Animus like that costs in the 80mish I
  10. Nvm, not worth it for your nub giraffe, and btw your giraffe will NEVER be worth more or even half as much as a 4600+ ranged monk weapon btw.
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