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  1. i told you so i should work for trendy
  2. They can release updates on Tuesday or Thursday and as the roadmap has stated its early june
  3. The update is gonna be released on Thursday
  4. 99% its gonna be Thursday cause they need to put the new monthly as well
  5. Yes there is a second green dragolich it was the mays monthly mission on pc and i think that same monthly of pc is gonna be our monthly mission on june on the ps4
  6. Last month there wasn't a pet for ps4 the reward was a tittle, cash, pet affection boosters and an admission ticket for the carnival
  7. A bit of misunderstanding here i was just talking in general about those ppl that are not doing the monthly and when it ends they start complaining about how they didn't finish it and start whinning about it sry for the misunderstanding this post is just a funny tease
  8. easy 2 hours and done Yeah it takes 1 hour to do but ppl like to be whinny cause they left it for the last second before the monthly ended
  9. i think the best map to farm is betsy cause its the only map that has 11 bosses including betsy and its easy to do as well
  10. Just get the weapon and look for gear that has karmic vortex and radiance on it cause those 2 can make your SA very big, it goes up to 2400 range without using any spheres, and get alot of DP and a good percentage of purge evil it goes up to 400% and you set to go
  11. The monthly is almost over and i just wanna see how many ppl will complain again for not being able to finish it in like the last second :P
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