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  1. In the PC version, you could simply press f6 and view your skills, but it doesn't seem possible on console. It certainly doesn't show up in the controls menu, that menu is lacking quite a bit. Any news on this?
  2. Here's how you can progress : Well, after you've done the campaign, you can go on to adventure to prep yourself for Onslaught/Expeditions. Onslaught and Expedition is your main progression mode. They're parallel, so if you progress in either gamemode, you also progress in the other. The difference between these two is if you want to have a steady progression, you can go to Onslaught and if you want to blaze through, you can go for Expeditions. Incursion and Mastery are extra gamemodes that gives out rewards that will help you on your runs. There's more but this is the picture for early players. Hope this helps! This was pretty much what I wanted to hear! I understand completely now, thanks a lot!
  3. I see. So how should I progress after the campaign? Should I do the campaign again on hard?
  4. You should consider though, patching for PC is very different than for console. We all want to complain, for instance, that there is no in game text chat, but what would you suggest? Hold 3 different keys down at the same time? I mean, I suggest just pressing start, then make a communication tab of sorts, but devs never do that kind of thing lol. It's either 'in game' or nothing, which is a shame. Even so, the game is at least playable, with tons of content. For free. Destiny has 5 years of no content. For 400 bucks lol. Perspective, let's give them some breathing room.
  5. Don't get me wrong, iPower wasn't the best system, but it helped fresh players understand where they could go to balance difficulty and reward. Now it feels like a guessing game... Perhaps there is something that I'm missing, if so please let me know.
  6. To be clear, there are many hidden controls. For example, I thought the ping feature was simply removed on Xbox(an important feature for me on PC) until I forgot the inventory button combo and accidentally found the ping. I was already level 50. To be fair, I've tested every button combo, within reason, so I'm not discussing that. But what I don't understand is why the 'CONTROLS' screen doesn't make note of such important functions. The most critical reason I bring this up is as follows: I have to go to the store every time I want to refresh my memory on the exact workings of an individual tower or ability. Sure, practice makes perfect, but when I'm trying to consider new combos(I don't like looking up best build guides, because why am I playing at that point. Just watch someone else play...) I have to go to the create hero screen, mute the announcer so I can focus, and read each ability/tower in its entirety, then if I forget a detail, I have to repeat the process. If someone can tell me how to attach an image as a link, I'll attach an example of the tutorial on PC vs the tutorial on console. Same point in the game, tooltips enabled. It is clear there is no way to show the abilities on console, at least from what I've gathered. Please correct me if I'm wrong!
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