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  1. The carnival is pretty cool and the new map is a good challenge if you are only NM1-2 geared. Overall I'm enjoying it so far. Thank you for the information on the buffs!!
  2. Just started playing the carnival update. I've won a lot of buffs from the wheel, but haven't used any of them yet. Do they work for all heroes on the map? Do they last x minutes, x waves or until the map ends? Thanks!
  3. If you have good tower stats, you can set up a low difficulty onslaught and make it as far as you can. It will always take the same number of waves for pet affection, but at least with onslaught, you don't have to rebuild the level every 5-7 waves.
  4. TLDR But, may I offer a significantly lower cost option? Instead of fully powering up your gear, pay to upgrade them with a flat 5 items. This will only cost you around 65-100 gold per item. It can raise it maybe 8-11 levels, depending on the gear you use. Sure, you still need to farm gear for fodder and money for the spins, but why waste all that gear and money, when you only need to raise your overall iPower level. Just a thought anyway.
  5. ^^ I think it was with the harbinger update. With the new timeline, it will be here soon though!
  6. Keep in mind too that this will be changing somewhat in the future as we catch up to PC. On the current PC version, Insane has been added to the leveling grind and you will be able to play those maps for good SP as well. They also reduced the amount of XP required to get from (I believe) 35-50 (might need to verify this in the patch notes).
  7. Worked 8 days straight and have the next two off. Perfect timing!!!! I think an earlier post said it would go out in the am too. Very excited! Your hard work is paying off Timmy!
  8. If I remember correctly from the PC version, in order to get all the challenges and the title for the spooky event, the new maps had to be completed on all difficulties (maybe up to NM3?). I was wondering since we are having all our gear reduced to the 240 range during this patch, if we would either have adjusted requirements for the challenges/titles or an extended period of time to complete them all since we will have to re-gear all our characters within the time period or miss out on those. Thought it might be a good idea to bring this up before the patch goes live to help preemptively addr
  9. TimmyTrashTier Possible edits to notes: Shift click and Ctrl click will not work for PS4. May want to change functionality to one of the L or R buttons for that. Also may want to remove fixes for PC hardware, ie Alienware lighting fixes. Also, 2 questions: Is our gear getting wiped, or just scaled down to 240? Is inventory management going to be the same as PC now, where we have individual bags instead of being sorted by gear type? Thanks for all your hard work!
  10. This is the answer that everyone seems to give, but it's not really an answer. If we are actually mirroring the PC content updates, we would already have the larger towers now. And the item power level thing is also different from the Pc's version of the current patch. There are other differences too, like the number of waves in Nightmare content, the fact that bosses spawn on the first wave and that loot doesn't drop from anything but bosses. And it doesn't answer the question of what would happen to our higher level gear if we do get a drop in max ipower levels. I could list more than 10 dif
  11. I like to bounce back and forth between the PS4 and PC versions and I have noticed a few differences that seem to be apart from content update patches. I am curious if some things will always be different between the two versions, or if the plan is to pretty much mirror the PC when a new content patch is available for PS4. There are two thing in particular. One is the bigger tower size and rebalanced towers on PC. I personally love the smaller tower size we have on the PS4. It allows for a little bit different build style. Will we be changing to the bigger towers, or staying the way we are now
  12. You could always offer two pets as the reward every so often to help catch us up :D
  13. ^ Agreed. ipower 205 blues usually have about the same ipower as a 200 ish purple or a 195 ish legendary. That is completely normal as far as I can tell.
  14. Ya, they finally fixed this on PC, but it is going to be a while before we get the update on PS4 that increases XP on insane mode and unlocks it at level 40.
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