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  1. 1. This would be true if the game were more fun in general. It's hard for me to say this, but atm, the game isn't as fun as DD1 is, period. I still have faith in TE, which is why I continue to test the game and provide feedback, but atm, it's not as fun as it's predecessor. 2. Yes, and props to TE for being so involved with us compared to bigger companies. But this isn't 100% true. Two big issues I've noticed people tend to agree with are the melee lunge mechanic needing to go, and the Hero Deck needing to be revamped or removed. They won't budge on either, and they're pretty impactful gamepl
  2. I've passed this on to our Design/Production team. No promises, though! Eagerly waiting for there responce. Afraid to say I'll be playing other games while I wait, as the way it is now I can't imagine myself spending any more time or money on the game until I can enjoy melee combat. I hate to say that as I love DD.
  3. Couldn't explain it any better then this.
  4. Pretty much agree with this. Game is getting pretty stale for me with such limited choices.
  5. I think the problem the vast majority of players have with melee is the awkward and annoying step forward mechanic. In DD1 u could stand still and swing your weapons. DD2 you lose control of your character when u melee. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/129201/your-thoughts-on-melee-combat Thread from general discussion on melee combat
  6. Just give us a option to turn off the step forward mechanic.
  7. Are there any plans to offer a option to turn off the step forward mechanic during melee combat? If yes how soon. If no why not.
  8. Hello everyone. Have been reading this forum for sometime now. I wanted to sign up to chime in on this subject. I played DD1 a whole lot, its one of my favorite games, oh how i miss my Barb. Anyway can we expect a official word sometime soon regarding the awkward melee movement. Will we ever be able to stand still like DD1 and swing away? This is a pretty big issue for me as i love melee but cannot enjoy it in it's current state.
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