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  1. Typically there is silence before a major release as well leading up to it. Summoner was announced for next week, so that may be related as well. But, as ARPG fans, I wouldn't doubt its atleast some of their time.
  2. Wondering if you've tried mixed mode. If so, what was your approach for the south crystal? It wipes the mini-ogres out from spawns, so the standard spawns are much much easier, but wyverns going straight up from the south spawn to the south crystal were a pain. Aura stack covers it well, but given its right on the spawn, its inevitable a gold one gets buffed and the lower crystal HP on the map commonly means a one-shot. Just wondering if anyone's come up with a good failsafe on that.
  3. Campaign/Boss or survival? This may help with people giving you advice as builds get adjusted between them. Well, if wyverns are the only problem, a buff beamed electric/ensnare/strength drain will pretty much kill any wyvern every time (outside of gold buffed Aquanos wave 20+ survival mixed mode fish-wyverns, which get plain huge). If you really want to use harpoons, when I did campaign (pre-EV), I used harpoons south of the southwest crystal on the ledge aimed southward. They would guard that choke but prioritize wyverns that got close and be well lined up to him them in their path.
  4. Well, lets be honest. The lead up to the boss isn't really that hard. The bigger issue will probably be converting as needed at the end. Alternatively, it could be ala gunslinger, where you can team up and only have one person working it at a time.
  5. They're pretty inefficient DPS normally, but lightning towers are a time saver for UMF, and with stats like that, you shouldn't need all the DU anyway. They'll clear out trash mobs at incredible range and keep spawns flowing.
  6. Misty seems to have a lower drop rate than Aquanos or Moraggo from my experience, if that helps any. Bad ones probably despawn anyway, but they aren't that common there.
  7. Really? How was that done? I don't think I ever found out how haha, I just played in groups. Off-topic, but I assume you mean in Diablo, which was done with the /players # command. If you meant DD though, its done with controller emulation or actual controllers.
  8. Again, his point is it doesn't require multiplayer. Its conceivably doable single player, just because you haven't done it doesn't make it impossible. Also, its not fraud by any stretch of the imagination. The difference between fraud is saying that something can do something that it can't. Otherwise by your definition every company ever is culpable of fraud and must be persecuted. Your claim is basically akin to "My toaster oven can't do my dishes. That wasn't on the box either, I had to look it up. Unacceptable." Also, basically every action RPG (HOLY **** DD IS ACTION RPG/TD!?) has t
  9. For what its worth, Electric Aura does end up surpassing Inferno Traps quite handily at higher stats. Note that the stats aren't going to match because I'm taking a break mid-survival and don't want to play with gear. At my stats: Dmg/Spd Trapper: 3149/1476 Monk: 2564/1317 EV: 3033/2027 Aura: 11481/.11, 104372 DPS, 20874 DPS/DU Inferno: 11278/.14, 80557 DPS, 20139 DPS/DU Now of course you have to factor in the innaccuracy of attack speed and rounding, but even then, the aura still is on par with, if not outstrips the trap damage with notably inferior stats. I would suspect th
  10. I don't think the issue is with the strength of the Sharken. I think its with the tediousness of dealing with it afterwards. They should be able to break through once in a while, else they're just big orcs. There needs to be an option to move a defense a short distance, it'd make repositioning builds more convenient and give players an active response to Sharken damage. Long cast time maintains the team aspect that the player may need cover and short distance and moderate cooldown would prevent abuse of re-aiming or moving defenses to counter different parts of a wave differently.
  11. As you said yourself, the DU/Size is part of the challenge and the recommendation towards a higher player map. I'd be willing to see that change as suggested or stay the same, it could go either way for me. The main thing is the enemy count - I absolutely love the changes to monster count in survival as of late. I'd like to see this map get the same love and in general, less scaling of trash mob count with number of players. I don't doubt that Trendy'll get there though, just a matter of ironing out the implications.
  12. Ogres were done to scale up difficulty of easier maps. As is typical with endgame content (difficulty-wise anyway), there's supposed to be less of a difference in relative difficulty through the progression of levels. With the rebalanced counts though, I could see it being thrown off from when they were spread out over the course of a wave. As for the original post, there are random ogre spawns as well (in pretty much all maps on NM from Armory on, its roughly wave/2, higher in early maps, Minis in SQ). With many of the later maps, waves that have ogres in campaign typically get huge ogr
  13. Monk guardian is useful in select circumstances for temp boosting auras/traps to be caught in a buff beam, after which the buff beam boost holds them there. Atleast, that's all I use it for. I have seen people post some builds for smaller maps (Magus, Alch) that use monk guardians to extend one set of auras over much of the map, though. Agreed that Slice 'N Dice is unusable atm. Haven't used it since early on in the game pre-'superloot'.
  14. Ensnare/Electric/Str Drain murders those wyverns (and do in most every map on every difficulty, works on NM to just do that triple aura there through wave 30.) With the ensnare there, those wyverns get clogged up so hard and with no resistances, they'll get taken down by the electric aura before they get anywhere.
  15. Thanks Jer, you're ridiculously fast.
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