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  1. Sorry, the DLC itself is not posted yet. As soon as Valve makes it live we'll let everyone know.
  2. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?30004-Current-Patch-7.24&p=225821[[1221,hashtags]] Keep it here and keep it civil, please. If you have suggestions that arent related to the upcoming patch, make a thread about it here.
  3. You can get the costumes on any difficulty if you beat it with that character. The lower difficulties have a lower number of points required to complete.
  4. I hate politics and I think it looks like a blast. You're taking it way too seriously. Demon Boss double-KO ftw.
  5. When will the patch for Xbox be released? It definitely didn't show up today or on Friday. Did something happen or is this just Microsoft holding that patch back for reasons unknowable? Or did i just read wrong that it was scheduled for February 10th? There's no date for the patch yet, sorry!
  6. how do i join console events? Message TrendyEnt1, TrendyEnt2, or TrendyEnt3 on PSN/XBLA to get into the queue for being invited to the events!
  7. "What about the cheaters/hackers/modders on console? Is there anything about them? - XEQU We're adding in protection to try to identify and delete hacked save data, but it's unknown how much of a widespread positive effect this will have." I think it might be more accurate to say that it is unknown how much of a widespread NEGATIVE effect this will have. There is nothing positive about someone getting an item deleted when they didn't know the item was hacked. And no, I am not arguing the obvious stuff, I am talking about the shop that hacks their inventory to remove some negative stats
  8. Unfortunately, the sdk for the steam item system wasn't available until way too late into Dungeon Defenders development for us to incorporate it properly into Dungeon Defenders. Which is sad, because we completely agree with you, Steam trading is just, plain awesome.
  9. Have you tried verifying your Steam cache?
  10. If you restart Steam, you should be able to redeem the content for free. If that doesn't work restart your computer, some players are reporting they had to do this to get it.
  11. The barbarian is still coming today (as in today, EST), we don't have a time yet though, sorry!
  12. Awesome, I love Battlefield 3! Glad he's enjoying Dungeon Defenders!
  13. Both. We are focusing on the latter when new content or patches come out, but also seek your input on that new content's game balance, etc. And as always, we appreciate any suggestions, solutions, or at least discussion of major game meta errors you may perceive. Especially if it's something you think a new piece of content or patch is exacerbating.
  14. Hey all, We're working on a new site where there will be easier and more visible places to put stuff like this. But, EvilMrFrank is being all awesome and streaming himself making the Etherian Mines map for the upcoming PC-DLC, Assault Mission Pack. If you all want to watch, check it out: http://www.twitch.tv/evilmrfrank Oh, and he's on site now (finally!), so he's doing this all mere feet (instead of thousands of miles) away from me now!
  15. Yep, that's fine. You're more than welcome to monetize your youtube videos of Dungeon Defenders.
  16. Just a fun picture from our offices today:
  17. Have you tried everything from the: [Quote]Q:From the Dungeon Defenders Launcher I press play and the game crashes. Or game doesn't launch at all.[/QUOTE] Section in the Tech Support FAQ?
  18. Sorry, edited my post for clarification!
  19. Yep, Verify the Integrity of the Steam Cache should do the trick.
  20. Basically, you send a message to TrendyEnt1, TrendyEnt2, or TrendyEnt3 (tonight just TrendyEnt1 and TrendyEnt2) asking to be invited and we invite as many people in as can play from 6pm EST to 10pm EST.
  21. Yep, we're still going through invites. We hope everyone who gets in has fun!
  22. 12/23/11 What? The last DunDef digest of 2011. I think so. But before we wrap up this last week... That's right. Yes this may only be for the 1% of the 1%, but now there's an even harder difficulty... Hardcore Nightmare Mode. For the very few of you who were actually beating Nightmare Mode, can you do the same sans respawns? For everyone else, here's a list of everything that's gone down this past week: 1. Console DLC! That's right, this week saw the release of the first console DLC, The Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards: Part 1! 2. Sony Eurpoean release. Finally, PSN EU users can def
  23. 1. You must keep the discussion of the beta and it's issues within this sub-forum and the official Beta Skype Chat. You MAY say you are a beta member but the rest stays here. This is not a title either but a privilege to see what we may see. Note: Discussion of the beta in channels outside of this sub-forum and the official beta Skype Chat is a bannable offense, both on these forums and TrendyNet. Violations of this rule will be reviewed on a case-per-case basis. 2. Feel free to test bugs/glitches/exploits/etc. with each other but do not make them public. 3. Do not abuse the bugs/glitch
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