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  1. Thanks everyone. I'll miss all of you too. Dungeon Defenders has been a huge part of my life these last 6-7 years. If you want to keep in touch, just follow me on twitter [[14,users]] :). From now on, I'll be eagerly awaiting every DD2 patch like the rest of you!
  2. pmasher

    New Hero: Round 2

    With Man & Machine stealing Round One in a last minute victory, there are still two more rounds to vote in until you've chosen our new Hero -- The Barbarian, The Man & Machine, or The Mystic. Vote Here: https://dungeondefenders.com/2/initiatives/45 Here’s how it works: Three heroes will compete in a round-robin tournament. The hero with the most Influence Points from all three rounds together will be our next hero! Every day, you’ll gain one Influence Point for logging into the game and another Influence Point for logging into the site. (2 Total Points per day.) Use your points here and on our launcher to vote for your favorite hero(es). You can spend as many points as you’d like per round! Here are the rounds and dates for voting: Round 1: Man & Machine vs. Mystic (May 14th to May 19th)Round 2: Barbarian vs. Mystic (May 20th to May 26th)Round 3: Man & Machine vs. Barbarian (May 27th to June 2nd) This is Round 2: Barbarian vs. Mystic. The Barbarian. The ruthless brawler. The Barbarian is an unstoppable force that is yet to be unleashed on the Old Ones’ army. He prefers to rely on his own two hands and use his two weapons and a multitude of abilities to decimate hordes of enemies. Most heroes hide behind their walls and defenses; the Barbarian hides behind nothing. The Mystic.The twisted sorceress. Magic has been around in Etheria for quite some time. There is however an older magic -- a darker, more chaotic magic nestled deep within Etheria. The Mystic was once a thief, but now she carries inside her an ancient and dark serpent demigod. This demigod is the source of ancient and unimaginable magic that the Mystic wields. Most heroes have their defenses likened to their personality; the Mystic’s defenses are dark, twisted and represent the chaotic forms of the serpent god. She is a powerful ally on the battlefield, so long as she can control the fickle whims of her serpent lord. Who will you choose?https://dungeondefenders.com/2/initiatives/45
  3. Thanks! I'll have QA look into this :).
  4. We've released a small hotfix for Series EV2. Bug Fixes: -We've fixed a bug where you could generate ability mana as Series EV2. This is a blue/green deployment, so there will be no immediate downtime. In about an hour, if you haven't already gotten the new update you'll have to switch over.
  5. They'll be in your real mailbox!
  6. Hey all, Series EV2 ran into some technical difficulties. Current ETA is 2PM EDT. EDIT 1:36PM EDT: We're live! -Philip
  7. EV is releasing on May 19th. More maps and incursions (i.e. Glitterhelm which you all voted for!), will be coming shortly. We're trying to move to more frequent releases of meaningful content, as opposed to bundling everything up and making you guys wait a long time to get anything. Simultaneously, we have other folks working on the Matchmaking changes (server browser) + Game Revamp stuff as well as the Siege Tank, which will be releasing when they're ready :).
  8. It taunts nearby enemies... It was just bugged when we were recording footage. Good eye!
  9. The Harbinger is loosely based on him. Not sure if we'll ever see him exactly... but you never know!
  10. Just wait till you see the hero browser this patch ;).
  11. Hey guys! Moved to off-topic, since thread is not directly related to Dungeon Defenders 2.
  12. Constructive can totally be negative! Our views towards "tweaking" content constantly shifts during development. So take the following statement with a grain of salt, it could totally change but is a nice glimpse into how we think about things: Right now we recognize a lot of the systems in the game are broken. Because of this small tweaks only yield small benefits in the short term. So instead of incrementally making a lot of small tweaks separately, we are trying to focus on large groups of tweaks and changes that will finally get the system to a place where small tweaks will yield large benefits, long term. An example of this is the upcoming strategic revamp that Steven and Brett are working on. A ton of small tweaks and a few big ones to really radically break up the current meta and bring back variety and fun. Once that's in a good place, then small tweaks will have big effects that won't be overridden in just a patch or two. We're also trying to give ourselves the freedom to really experiment with things. For example, on Monday we're playtesting a build of the strategic revamp where a revamped LSA and Lightning Aura are default towers for the Monk. At the same time other people are working on new content like the Abyss Lord, which will factor into the total revamp in a delicious way. WARNING: The following thoughts are just my own, not the thoughts of a designer like Brett/Steven/People that are actually working on the strategic revamp: I imagine giving another of the base heroes a high damage single target defense will be a lot of fun. Hopefully along with the vast list of other changes we are making, it will create interesting and diverse choices with how to set up lanes with the revamped and more dangerous special enemies. However, personally, if we end up doing something like this I think we should change the element/art of the LSA so that there is a much more diverse set of combo activators in the game.
  13. I was super serious and keep checking back to see if it has 30 comments. Come on guys! I'm like itching to share these they're so cool. Here's one last tease: 
  14. I love this thread. I think it'd be awesome if someone started a dream patch notes thread. Kinda like this. Tempering expectations, we are working on a TON of gameplay changes but I don't think many of them are going to reach this next patch. Right now we're aggressively playtesting the complete strategic re-balance that Steven and Brett are working on, which I hope to play for you guys on the next devstream. It's still very much a work in progress, but it will definitely completely shake up everything once it comes out. I know it's been the most fun I've had playing Dungeon Defenders II in a long long time, so I hope many of you feel the same about it. In terms of gameplay-related work for this patch, we're prioritizing a lot of the Hero Deck changes that we discussed on the last stream ;).
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