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  1. If you mean the buff to the original 4 heroes, then the only date we have at the moment is "July". Release dates are often announced on the Dev stream, so I suggest turning in to those every other Friday. The next is on Jul 1st.
  2. I agree with Pizzaface. The current 3x medals rewards people for playing more, which is how games should work. It also allows for you to play what you want, and allows for more medals over all so long as you put the time in.
  3. Yeah, as Zkurcow says, it was a bug that they worked at all... they are now fixed.
  4. Old weekly has finished, new has not begin. That message is old, and probably needs updating.
  5. We used to have a gear passive system where certain passives would only roll on 1 item (Vector Corrector only on Helmets). This was changed, and split over all items to allow for a more gradual progression towards end-game GG gear. Why the sudden decision to go back to the old system with the original 4 hero re-work? Are you not worried this will leave players with very little gear grind or upgrade options?
  6. Yep, they replaced them with weekly missions. My quest page is telling me to complete the campaign to unlock monthly missions, should it still say that? I did the entire campaign a looong time ago, but I also went back and cleared all the missions listed as New on campaign and it still says that. Should it be a weekly mission? I imagine this is because the previous weekly is finished, but the new one has yet to begin. It's old text that most likely needs updating, as it is very confusing.
  7. You'd have still been kicked eventually. Stay strong, the buffs will be returning eventually ;-)
  8. Apprentice is totally viable as both a DPS and a builder. For DPS you are going to want to either get the new weapon from the Buried Bastille or the Armageddon from Ramparts Incursion. Id' suggest going Hero Damage and Hero Crit for both, but AP is also viable for the Bastille weapon. For towers, your main asset is either Frosty Power towers to help buff other defences (works best with Huntress traps, Monk lightning aura or EV proton beams), or the Flame Thrower (which you will need the uber sphere for). As a builder, you wont be bringing as much damage or utility as Abyss Lord or EV, btu as I
  9. so you want the gear harder to farm, rather than the base damage for them increasing? Interesting. I think a large amount of the forums would disagree with you though, but I'm all for it!
  10. Wow, excellent work. I think my record is around the 270 seconds left. That's some quick building, and I take my hat off to you sir. And lets give those slow connections something to struggle with
  11. I'm looking at you RPG group, get this "slightly" changed to "greatly" please.
  12. The only mobs that can drop items in onslaught are the "special" enemies, so no is the answer.
  13. wait what :O Please be joking regarding squire walls/ LA buffs. Nope, all original 4 hero buffs will be reverted until the changes are complete and tested, and then will be coming back tot he game. Enjoy the buffs while you can until they are here again for real.
  14. I'm not sure what you mean. If they increased the bag limit they would make MORE money from people purchasing bags, how is them not doing that them being greedy?
  15. "cuz of ur bad server" I don't receive any lag, nor do most of the community or you'd hear a lot more complaining about it. It's more likely that your internet or PC may be the cause of your lag. Maybe if you provided some more information on what is happening someone could help you.
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