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  1. Reacting is to do without thinking and that is what people are doing.... responding is to consider the situation and information and only after make the statement, this is what people need to be doing... that is my point.
  2. Last time i checked you responded to my post, and you give up on debating with me because i have proved against all of your points and to go with the all mighty generalized statement of "its their right" i could use that statement too and it doesnt prove anything, and your missing the point.
  3. Im not telling people to stop posting their opinions, im telling the people who are just complaining because they think its too hard to stop complaining, and if they have a real bug/solution to post it in the right section on the forums in a constructive way, and deconstructive criticism is not a good thing. to just complain with no solution and to just tear down people/ideas does not help them. You are also forgetting the devs are human too and to just say everything they worked on for the past months and have flat out said they have loved working on, is a piece of crap based on a few things
  4. Defence range (AGAIN)- you need to build to fit the need.... you can still use "traditional towers" you just have to strategically place them like you said..... if you place your walls in the same spot every time, the range guys will stop in the general same spot every time, you can gain this knowledge by.... can you guess? ..... if you guessed "playing the game" then you are correct. I will give you an example you can place "traditional towers behind the wall to attack the melee or medium ranged guys then you can put auras or traps down where the long range guys generally sit.. ffs you just w
  5. I disagree with you. There is so many flawed things with the update. Many big UI issues, many balance problems. The whole range issue feels almost like a 1st of April joke. New players can't make the jump from Campaign to Chaos. And personally I could do Chaos III and higher if I stopped losing because of absurd IA that makes enemies to have cancel animation when Viper's Fang bubble them in the air and they for some reason destroy my crystal everytime (or when enemies decide to just turn around my walls and ignore them entirely). I don't lose because my build is flawed I lose because of random
  6. Everyone needs to stop complaining just because they cannot beat chaos 1 or 2.... you all expect to just jump to chaos 4 and 5 just because you could easily beat nightmare 4, or the players who are complaining because they just got to 50 and are transitioning to chaos from hard, and its too difficult... you just have to learn more about the game, they have changed so much, made different balancing changes and made it(chaos 4-5) difficult on purpose, just because you cant sit behind your PDT's(or any other single tower) anymore doesn't mean the patch is bad(This is how its suppose to be, but ju
  7. So here is what i came up with, obviously all these numbers would be changed to make more sense, but this is just to give u an idea of how i think you could make the trading work in dd2. -TRADING LEVEL/RANK- So each item ipwr range would have its own trading level, for example ipwr 1-25 would be trading level 1, then say ipwr 26-50 would be 2, then say ipwr 301-350 would be level say 15 or so.... you would clearly change these numbers based around "ipwr-ipwr=trading level" for freeplay easy, hard, insane, nm1-4 but also the different ipwr ranges within nm1-4 so that you couldnt just unlock nm4
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