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  1. Barb w/201 cat - active Monk + 34k mega chicken (hero boost, fill up with mana before boss) Monk + 37k mega chicken (afk) Countess + 17k seahorse (this could be any dps hero, it doesn't really matter) All in a weak dps monk strength drain aura (less then 1k in all tower stats.) Activate hero boost when boss appears, two hawk strikes and boss is dead. 100% success rate. I used to use seahorse on monks until Tinkerer's Lab. Maybe I'll give the 4th dps hero a mega chicken as well. Not that it matters.
  2. I probably gotten 2 dozen ult armor pieces from NMHC so far... just keep farming.
  3. Enjoy the game... free mana and items just spoil the fun.
  4. Do you have a jester? If yes, put on decent dps armor set (with good nm resist), a decent dps wep (classic/pawn/blaster) and a crystal killing weapon (crystal tracker type/BF Drill/VW) and run Lab Assault INHC over and over again (with afk's if possible.) Lots of mana in little time, can get good armor (even ultimates), decent accessories and maybe even a nice pet. Probably don't need more than 1.5-2k hero health/attack. However, it's a horrible place to level up. For that, King's Game/Tavern Defense.
  5. Never had this problem. With your stats and gear (5k-6k, which is way more than needed) the boss should be dead in 5-6 seconds (even with 3 afk's) and the boost monk should not die in the aura stack and your build should last way more than needed to win even if your boost monk somehow dies. Are you allocating enough hp and resist for the boost monk? Make sure your barb is close enough to the boss for the hawk stance to hit. Done this tons with 3 afk... never had issues like that.
  6. I recently got an ult++ basic crossbow with 477 ups from Labs Assault the other day and just for fun, I fully upped it in open just to see how much dps you could do with it. Using the same hunter, the ult++ 477 ups crossbow did 1/3 the dps of a 355 up (155k) pawn shot not even accounting for the increase in spread shot damage for the pawn. The pawn shot isn't even the best scaling huntress weapon... i.e. blaster, eternia canon. However, some of the crazy mythical generic weapons rewards from lab assault (i.e. 10k+ starting base damage) may be good for starting players without access to good reward weapons (i.e. Akatiti/King's/Tinkerer's/CD/Sky City) yet.
  7. Recently ran survival only because I was hoping to get some decent pristine armor (pristine never seem to drop in Lab Assault for me) and it reminded me why I hate survival... so boring and tedious. Back to the lab... just have to build a new set from other armor types.
  8. With the advent of Lab Assault, I have not been able to run afk shop as I seem to be always way higher then the full inventory limit (I was at one point over 2700/400 items in my item box.) I know that I can host and trade non-afk with players but I can't even do a floor sales as I can't pick up any items from the floor. I'm having to vendor a lot of rather nice stuff as I'm trying somehow to get below the item limit so I can run afk shop. I'm down to 1100 items but it is still a long way from 400. It would really be nice to be able to sell from afk store even when you item box is full or over the limit. Thanks.
  9. Are you suuure?... lol, ive never got a single bit from lab, all other types i got loads tho, annoyed me because all my builders were pristine. Not anymore tho =D Yeah, my summoness just switch out of her pristine set to a new mail set built entirely from lab assault awards. I've never gotten pristine from Lab Assault either. I have gotten tons of plate armor, however. The dps jester I use wears pristine so the armor worn by the heroes do not seem to affect the type of armor awards. And all weapon awards are generic as well and the pet variety seem to be limited to tiger, hawk and dragon. That's okay, my summoness is rather happy with her new armor set. Edit: I used to farm boss rush a lot as well and I've never gotten pristine armor from that map either. Does shorter maps not award pristine or something?
  10. Is Lab Assault that new DLC that came out? Or do you mean the stage with the first boss? Also, I tried an EV with wall stats when starting over, but I didn't see any increase in tower health from buff beams even though she had about 900ish tower health and I may not be remembering correctly, but I don't think I saw any increase in DPS either, but I'll try again when I get some spare myths. Also, the full myth bonus applies to tower stats? I thought the bonus only raised res by 30%, I forgot that it raised tower stats. I'll have to try that out when I get back ingame. Edit: This is Viscount btw, thought that all forum names got wiped because it wouldn't let me log in with this name for some reason :/ Lab Assault is the challenge map from the new DLC, Tinkerer's Lab. Stages withe the bosses is Boss Rush, which give you probably the best dps mage weapon, Classic's Eagle Crested Standard. It has the highest increase per upgrade of any mage weapon for the primary physical base attack. Buff beams increase buffed tower's damage resistance... it will not show up as more hp. The increase in tower dps is definitely shown. Buff beams are very important for NM. Reflection walls are also essential for protecting you towers and minion from ogre copters. As stated by above, myth armor bonus applied to all armor stats. It is also important to note that you can mix myth with trans, supremes and ultimates and each armor piece still gets their respective set bonuses.. as long as all the armor of the same type (i.e. all pristine.) Though most people use squire towers, app towers are good as well except that they can cause lag on below top-notch computers. Summons are almost like getting extra DU's. Many people use them as walls... self-healing walls (mage minions can heal summons and heroes) that doesn't tempt sharkens to charge. Very nice when you think about it. Even though a trapper is not absolutely necessary, they can be very important for certain maps. Especially maps where defenses have a habit of getting de-summoned by djinns (gas traps interrupt djinns from they actions.) Also, traps and really useful for beating maps like Temple of Love and Silent Night. Just for fun, I beat raining goblins NMHC using only traps and buff beams last night. The trapper I used only had 3k tower attack and rest of the tower stats near 2k. Proximity traps damage scale very well.
  11. I made a bad decision and deleted all my chars in an attempt to start over, but I really hated starting over. Although in a way, I think it has made me a better player because having weaker equipment forced me to be more innovative with my strategies. My Squire has the following stats Hero Health - 936 Hero Damage - 0 Hero Movement - 95 Hero Casting Rate - 938 Circular Slice - 571 Blood Rage - 381 Tower Health - 1561 Tower Damage - 1477 Tower AoE - 966 Tower Attack Rate - 1150 Res - 0/14/21/33 Not much to say about my equipment, I went on a selling spree when I first decided to start over but I stopped myself before I got rid of all my good stuff. I have a Kobold with 337/600/600/600 tower stats and it gives me 600 Casting Rate as well. I also have a godly mail coat with 360 tower health 283 tower attack and has 186/252 ups. So I probably won't be replacing my Kobold or coat any time soon, other stuff it easily replaceable (mid tier myths) That said, I have the following questions. 1) Should I level a Monk, or should I not bother? I read that Monks are more of a group Hero, not so much for solo. 2) What stat should I be focusing on atm with my Squire? 3) What class should I use for DPS? I plan on doing some Monsterfest or Boss Rush eventually, and I like Hunter with Assassin skin, but I heard that Jester and EV is much better? Is that true, even though Hunters have Piercing Shot? I think Jester is too gimmicky and is more useful as a tower Hero than DPS, and has no attacking skill, although I think I see why EV might be better than Hunter. 4) Am I ready to farm high tier myths? If so, which map should I farm? And if not, where should I farm mid tier myths? Or if possible, superloot godlies with 200+ ups. First, when you are lvl 74 you will want to get mythical armor for the mythical set bonus, +30% instead of the 25% godly bonus. Even though your godly mail coat is nice, unless you have other mail armor with similar stats, I would build a mythical set. If you are mixing your godly armor with mythical pieces, you will get no bonus at all. A decent mythical set can get you to 3k stats with proper pet and accessories. 1) IF you want to play nightmare mode where all the best stuff is, you will definitely need to level up an aura monk. A dps/boost monk is also highly desirable for nightmare mode. 2) For your tower squire (I prefer countess for running speed) you will want to get the tower attack and rate up. 3) For monster fest, almost any hero will do but for boss rush (I'm assuming NM) you will want to be either a dps monk with good NM resist, good wep (Sparus, etc), decent boost and a good dps pet (seahorse/mega chicken from Tinkerer's) or a barbarian with good weapons (steam saws, gladiuses or eternian swords), good resist and a good propeller cat. Barb + monk are awesome for boss killing. EV's with high base damage weps (i.e. 300+ up ultra Pawn Shots) can also make a very effective dps for boss rush using skill #2 (proton charge blast). If you can get the new 1.75 EV skin from NMHC Lab Assault, even better. A jester is probably one of the most useful heroes in the game. Excellent running and casting speed coupled with lots of health and a genie make them awesome upgraders. No high end players is without a upgrading jester (with a good upgrading weapon, i.e. Van Wolfenstien). They do not make the best solo boss beater because lack of massive dps specific skills (i.e. hawk stance/hero boost/blood rage) but can be very useful in a team (wheel of fortune boost ally roll for example). But even more important is the they are the single most suitable hero for Lab Assault. Lab Assault can give you lots of trans armor after a couple of scores of runs. It is the current farming map. 4) High tier myth?? Just farm Lab Assault (even INHC) and you will soon be vendoring lots of "high end" myth.
  12. You have to be playing the hero type for each costume. Make sure you are playing monk for the final wave if you want the monk costume.
  13. I actually find it faster and easier to farm classics then the clavas. 8+ mins for 4 classics vs 20+ mins for 4 obsidian weapons (not all will be clavas.) I use clavas mostly as a tower stat stick or as a secondary hero stat stick for jester/EV. However, with the advent of Lab Assault, my jester is always equipped with classics for dps (for stuck EV's) and Crystal Tracker type gun/BF Drill for crystals/boss.
  14. Quick question for everyone with the bragging rights :) How much dps do you guys put ( and dps stat range pls ) to beat those EV's ? I can do the crystals on nightmare but there is no way in hell i can kill 20x20 mil in the remaining time. The key is to eliminate the EV's without having to dishout 22 mil points of damage to each EV.
  15. Higher potential for crazy drops in NM but RNG will insure that the really good drops are few and far in between. This is especially true for accessories. You will never get a potential 400+ stat accessory in insane.
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