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  1. Why do people bother playing multiplayer?
  2. I really love all of the music in this game. It is some of the best game music I've ever heard. Afshin Toufighian is the composer and sound designer of DD. Here he is playing piano a few years ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrJAP4Qvql4 What a talent. I can't wait for the latest Aquinos music to be added to the download page. :) http://afshin.bandcamp.com/album/dungeon-defenders-ost
  3. Can't play the levels in offline mode either.
  4. Once you get to wave 25, tons of stuff like that drops.
  5. Damn. I'd give you all my eggs but I only play offline solo.
  6. Do people have any idea how much effort it would take to make a game like this? The models, textures, music, game dynamics... Geez. And you can't cough up $1.50? A friggin' Big Mac meal costs $5.
  7. Wow, I enjoyed reading this. You have some great ideas. Thanks for putting in the time to write this.
  8. I haven't played it yet but this is good to hear. :)
  9. I made 150 million last Mistymire HC campaign run to wave 12. Pick up every bit of loot you can. Build and repair as quickly as possible and sell all the junk between waves 9 and 10. Lock anything that is green and click "sell all". You should have space to carry on looting.
  10. Yep. I noticed the ensnare aura is draining faster as well.
  11. Thank goodness there isn't any Santorum in this. That would be a frothy mess.
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