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  1. isnt there a heart button below ur post? ohhhh ur just asking for rewards huh i wont mind,i think thats a cool idea +heart
  2. I built my squire in sort of hybrid,some gears have the hearty blockade and i use a ring to give me a health boost then other is defense crit and hero crit. basically all the stats,cant focus on offensive or defensive because i cant build properly I dont know how to build the apprentice,huntress and monk Some problems -My strategy does not work on apprentice as his barriers are too weak unlike squire -I can never play huntress without pulling out the squire for barriers --Same with monk -I can never utilize the geyser trap,apprentice's earthshatter thing> and the dummy -freeze tower seems
  3. it's only gay if frosties cross beams OHHHHHHHHHHHH
  4. 9.1 "fixed issue of players building flameburst towers on harbinger's arena" -Can still build ballista's [[9486,hashtags]] --you can build on the crate next to the leftmost mob spawn and the rest of the mini bridges --Not on the actual field but the rims of it "Fixed harbinger slow down to pet freeze abilities" -Nope,blizzard on my serpent still slows him down <either that or animation is broken> these are the only 2 broken patches i found on hotfix 9.1 9.2 "Harbinger destroys dummies in his arena on spawning in Prince's Ship" <4th wave i think> -Phew,atleast i get to keep th
  5. If you are moving or in the air when the end of map screen pops up. You'r character will after a short delay, fall through the floor and die. Does it happen before the screen comes up? Yesss yes exactly,thanks for the help
  6. im so pumped,new missions,new stuff omygod,i frekin love trendy Ok,so i played some maps and did not expect my butt handed to me as my tier 5 walls just basically died out halfway through the rounds Harbinger ship was hard,i was playing on normal then mr harbinger just fists my defenses with these kamikazes and i keep falling to the poison chamber.....oh god. Thankfully i was able to find a workaround and build a crap ton of ballista's in his ship. Waiiiit,they patched it? awwww,what about the betsy nest? then on wave 4,i tried to do the same but he justs doesnt care,the moment he spawns,a
  7. basically if there is some way for us to put up a poll <the one with influence points involved> about the hero deck. One side says remove it then the other says no it seems that putting up polls are quite complicated but really,we need to end the HD argument plz?yes,i dont have much to back this up and i know this is a dumb idea but why not eh? we dont really need to end the argument,we could keep bantering at the hd post by KnowsNoLimits but it is in alpha,open to change. atleast its what i think alpha is for this idea is dum,there is no chance this will happen -Hopeless
  8. thank you guys for the good feedback even though i only have 4 bags............
  9. I feel like my auto collect system is somewhat inefficient,so i ask you how you set up your bags. Here is my setup First bag This is where i segregate the good stuff,it auto collects mythical items and is where legendaries get sent when i pick it up Second Bag This autocollects epic items to be used in upgrading my current gear (is epic the best option?) Third Bag This autocollects non gear stuff. For some reason,pet food gets sent to the first bag when i double click the box thing. Fourth Bag This collects gear lower than epic so i can just click "select all" on sell mode and have a l
  10. what if endgamers got like extra deck? huh? huh? yeah i dont know anything im so sorry
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