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  1. Everytime i try to start the Aquanos map it put me back to lobby. When i join someone in it , it says failed to load level ?
  2. In the patch notes it talk about a portal gun dlc? What is that , i don't see it in the steam store?
  3. Hey guys , was about to play some dungeon defenders . if you play this game and want to join me the game name is going to be ******ik gaming's stream ! Hope to see some people join in :) Also going to stream it here : http://ganksquad.enjin.com/ I am going to level up my Series EV so yeah :D
  4. Sup guys I just got the series EV yesterday and I am gonna stream while I level her! Come join me in the chat and in-game ! My stream : http://ganksquad.enjin.com/ you gotta click on the stream link because this forum hate my name so I can't do a direct link
  5. the speed reduction is just stupid , walk in ensnare while mages throw fireball at you that knockback to the start of the ensnare.....
  6. Yo i was wondering can you get more that one unicorn or is it one per player ? Also whats the max upgrade you can find on those if you can get more that one?
  7. I too have the same issue... this is lame , i wanna try to assault pack . It says i have it and when i click play now it does nothing , fix this please. I bought the complete pack .
  8. This is not permitted and also you should report them , there is a report a player thread if u dont know how. Thing is , this game has gotten lame cuz of those people . All they do is sell for usd and well why would i pay real money when i got mana?
  9. i got 10k hp in nm , but this can be upgraded as i said i have 380+ upgrades left. What i am wondering is Should i go with more tower health or attack speed maybe? is it really worth getting 1000 tower damage whats the best.
  10. With Nightmare Difficulty in mind , What would you upgrade here for a hybrid (dps/builder) Mage I got about 380 Upgrade left in my armors. I spend my point as follow : 120 hero dmg , 120 tower dmg , 91 hero health
  11. [quote]* Added optional Hardcore Nightmare Mode, no respawns allowed during Combat phase (but you don't lose until your core is destroyed). Yields slightly better loot & more XP than regular Nightmare Mode, and later further rewards.[/quote] Does that mean your gonna remove no respawns allowed during Combat phase in nm uberfest?
  12. I for one, am a generous player. I give loot away and if i sell it i sell it cheap. If i come a across a newbie while on an insane/nightmare run then ill let them stay and lend them some gear, quite often i'll stick with them for an hour or 2 to help them get better loot or simply level. Trendy could you please add another category to the forums for those of us who wish to advertise our FREE help in progressing through the game. Can you help me beat summit nightmare? :O
  13. I'm applying the same strategy to nightmare... first hit 74 so I can equip mythic gear (i have 3 pages already from wave 2). Wave 2 of UMF nightmare i had 182^ weapons dropping, I just need to pick them up before i get one-shotted and then spawn camped, haha... so it'll be a matter of play/loot/upgrade/rinse-repeat until i'm big enough to begin progressing through the waves. But seriously, if someone can do it, anyone can do it. :) I dont understand why people say that when you die once and its gg in nightmare.
  14. DunDef Dev Kit Can`t you add the new maps into the map we can open . Currently there isnt much choice just the very first campaign and the snowy village wich is pvp not the uberfest or the christmas map.
  15. Need a Monk with full res mythics having both hero and tower stats so said monk can put aura and fight the waves . Preferably ranged monk , Send me a pm if u are interested.
  16. Need Hero Dmg and Tower Dmg , Also must have the 4 res with a decent number , at least 80 ups.
  17. Welll that is pretty retarded. Edit : Your saying that like its the same for godly and etc . But its not you can get thorn chain help with godly chest glove and boots and it will work..... ****ing dumb that mythic and godly doesnt go together... WAY TO FAIL
  18. I have a set of mythic chain stuff except the boots , they are godly chain. But for some reason they dont count and i dont get bonus.... fix this please?
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