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  1. Everytime i try to start the Aquanos map it put me back to lobby. When i join someone in it , it says failed to load level ?
  2. In the patch notes it talk about a portal gun dlc? What is that , i don't see it in the steam store?
  3. Hey guys , was about to play some dungeon defenders . if you play this game and want to join me the game name is going to be ******ik gaming's stream ! Hope to see some people join in :) Also going to stream it here : http://ganksquad.enjin.com/ I am going to level up my Series EV so yeah :D
  4. Sup guys I just got the series EV yesterday and I am gonna stream while I level her! Come join me in the chat and in-game ! My stream : http://ganksquad.enjin.com/ you gotta click on the stream link because this forum hate my name so I can't do a direct link
  5. the speed reduction is just stupid , walk in ensnare while mages throw fireball at you that knockback to the start of the ensnare.....
  6. Yo i was wondering can you get more that one unicorn or is it one per player ? Also whats the max upgrade you can find on those if you can get more that one?
  7. I too have the same issue... this is lame , i wanna try to assault pack . It says i have it and when i click play now it does nothing , fix this please. I bought the complete pack .
  8. This is not permitted and also you should report them , there is a report a player thread if u dont know how. Thing is , this game has gotten lame cuz of those people . All they do is sell for usd and well why would i pay real money when i got mana?
  9. i got 10k hp in nm , but this can be upgraded as i said i have 380+ upgrades left. What i am wondering is Should i go with more tower health or attack speed maybe? is it really worth getting 1000 tower damage whats the best.
  10. With Nightmare Difficulty in mind , What would you upgrade here for a hybrid (dps/builder) Mage I got about 380 Upgrade left in my armors. I spend my point as follow : 120 hero dmg , 120 tower dmg , 91 hero health
  11. [quote]* Added optional Hardcore Nightmare Mode, no respawns allowed during Combat phase (but you don't lose until your core is destroyed). Yields slightly better loot & more XP than regular Nightmare Mode, and later further rewards.[/quote] Does that mean your gonna remove no respawns allowed during Combat phase in nm uberfest?
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