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  1. How does it effect armour? Example: Armour reaches lvl 10 which then gives it a chance to go over its normal 30% max on Resistances So what im asking is, If i smash all my mana into Hero Dmg will it stop every 10 levels so i have the option to add the extra *% to my restistances? If no, then wow kinda defeats the object of Pro upgrading armour. Cant be too greedy :P even if you have a 250ups armor, stop every 10 lvl to click the resistance wont take you more than 50 clicks.
  2. There is no announcement about new stat cap (360) so probably the gap will be small enough, maybe 300ups weap and armors? :D
  3. If you dont like it, dont download it, problem solved. That is a fun map with little reward, you wont die without.
  4. I think this is a very good DLC, remind me of the old pillow fight :P "Fun" does not have to mean a map that you can farm over and over for some crappy gears. Just gather some friends and enjoy it :D You dont even have to make that map in NM, watching people running around dodging some arrows stepping on the firewall is amusing enough for me =] Think about this, if they release a rewarding map, people complaint it ruins their xxx hours of farming, if they release a fun map, people complaint the map is crap and not worth playing?
  5. Well, healing constantly sure is a lot of work, but when you are two-shotted, you'd wish you have enough health to heal constantly. If you play many RPG games and melee defense/attack is 1:1, ranger will be 2/3:3/2 and mage will be 1/2:2. In order words, the order should be like this: +Attack: Mage>Ranger>Melee +Survivability: Melee>Ranger>Mage =>DunDef: Melee>All.
  6. Optional mode - You are not required to use it :| And it is not intended for solo btw
  7. Personally I think all the boss and challenge rewards should be buffed by another 100%, 100^ goblin overlord is a joke, 130-140^ weaps flood the ground at wave 12 NM survival.
  8. 200m is the "soft cap", after this point, you can no longer get mana from picking stuff. You can only get other 1.8b through trading.
  9. Zam, don't try to convince them with logic. It doesn't really work. Then trolling like you will?
  10. Towers are still better at killing big mob like ogre, you cannot stack 10 proxi at one spot but 10 MM is possible :P Auras and traps radius are nefted cuz they are just ridiculously big. With 600 T.range pre-patch, my healing aura can cover like 2/3 of the map of alc lab! Same goes for elec aura and proxi. They should be nefted a little bit but 40% is just too much, ~20% is better. Maybe they will reverse it in the next few days, we'll see. :D
  11. Lower HP and dmg received actually benefit players as it makes healing more effective. If it takes 10s to heal from 1 to 20k, now with 16k max HP, it will take..8s? Also, dont forget healing aura and fairy. P/S: They changed it back to 50%, new patch is out ._.
  12. Dear Trendy, This topic has been made before but didnt get much attention so I'm necroing it again. The issue is that aura cannot be placed over the "purple circle" (around spawn or crystal), it was fine at first when the auras are small, but when they come bigger (with aura range stat), they sometimes get stuck between the 2 circles (which is quite usual in some narrow maps like alc lab or deepwell), thus could not be build at all. We found a solution for this that just take off some gears to make it smaller, place it then reequip to return it to original size. This is an annoying and t
  13. They dont really need to redesign tower range, it is fine as it is. Should just increase proj speed with upgrading like the rest stats :D
  14. Hi, I offer 500m for http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/839/2011122000001.jpg/ Add me http://steamcommunity.com/id/3271
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