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  1. Transmog - Make it so!
  2. Will this include the eggs?
  3. [[4370,users]] Well done, I'm glad to see you're taking initiative here and making the steps forward I highlighted. A very well done from myself, and safe to say, the community as well.
  4. It was never a doubt that you guys read these, really. It's fairly clear. It's just acting upon the threads requires more than just people beleiving they're being noticed. I'm not saying reply to all, or even most, of the threads because half of them are stupid and/or repeats. For example; Tower Speed. I think that doesn't require a thread post but should have the thought process and ideas explained more on stream, not just lightly brushed to this side. But you guys are certainly understanding my thread, that's two responses from two different involved members on one page of a thread. The community needs this, again, not on every thread. But certainly the ones that take the time to elaborate and expand upon their ideas and concerns. Kudos to you [[64025,users]]
  5. Precisely my point. Summed up neatly, too. What [[4370,users]] did here was perfect and it should, and will be, noted by the community. Hopefully this is a milestone to a brighter future instead of an empty lifeline we are clinging on to.
  6. [[4370,users]] I truly, and I mean truly, appreciate your swift and detailed response. And to your question I have a few things to say. Yes, there is more that the team could do. Currently I'm sure you're aware of the outcry going on about, well, a lot of things and I'm sorry that this is the case. But there does need to be more discussion from yourself and/or Devs. Simply because there isn't any discussion going on now, it's more "This is what is roughly going on, hope that's cool." To give an example of how to improve, you literally just did it. You asked me a question regarding my post and you did it phenomenally. You made a public appearance and interacted with your fanbase, that is how to improve. The gameplay functionality (or lack-of) is second to interacting with you guys. That's the important factor. Just my opinion, of course. But I hope you understand, I do not want to see this game fly under the radar.
  7. Oh, of course you make a point. But based on the sheer amount of outcry from the community at this point it is infact better to say something than nothing at all. Because us being left in the dark is damaging their image and our viewpoint of the game. Which, regardless of how the final product will turn out, may be too late for quite a lot of players to bother returning to the game. It's a shame, really.
  8. Hey, long time DD1 player and 100+ hours DD2 player so my opinion, I believe, has some validity behind it so here goes as I tackle some of the major, game-breaking issues within the game which..y'know..will break the game. Campaign So let's begin with Trendy's pride and joy, the campaign. From a casual player's experience (and by no means is it a lesser player's experience, just different) it is good. Simplistic, no much thought actually needed behind strategic builds or stat optimization. That is fine because it also plays into non-casual players because they CAN stategise and build correctly which makes these maps easier and allows them the mindset of "I'm doing this correctly, thus I am better" - Which is a fair mindset because they're taking their time to distinguish how and what to do, always thinking 4 turns ahead. So all in all, campaign was...fine. I personally don't understand why Trendy is priding themselves so much every stream about how well the campaign turned out. The only real difference is the mini-bosses, that's it. Which in itself is actually a neat feature that Borderlands and WoW have implemented and worked out well for them. So yeah, good job on the campaign but patting yourselves on the back can slow down now, everyone is far past the campaign by this point. Free Play Oh boy, this is not going to be a positive post I'm sorry to say. The issues in Free Play have been spouted out countless amount of times across the forums and I don't really feel like going in-depth about all of these again but I will list the major issues with a little description highlighting truly why they are breaking the game. Item Power; item power has many, many issues regarding it. Namely the fact that it hinders progression, not enables it. Players are being downscaled from their gear to try and play maps where the level of items drops is lower than it should be. Also being made to require a higher item level than the map itself drops, that's inexcusable poor design even if Trendy "didn't focus too much on it because of the campaign being prioritised"Downscaling; This is merely a stupid forced decision on the developer side. It is extremely anti-fun to be punished for having better gear than a map drops. If a player has better gear than a map drops why should they be downscaled? It's not like they're going to get any upgrades. If people want to play 'as if they were that level' then offer an option to downscale, not force it and frustrate your community. Truly an awful approach and design of the force-feature.Progression; Not even slightly linear or worthwhile. The massive gaps between difficulties, hell, even individual maps is astounding that they managed to get out of QA (quality assurance) and given the thumbs up to go live.Hero Viability; this is up for debate but based on my experience from Nightmare IV Free Play and onwards, the viaibility is too obvious. If you're playing a Huntress or Apprentice in Nightmare+, you're inflicting a needless handicap on your party. Even Monk is a bit silly outside of building, Squires with taunt/stun/block is just too optimal. I'm not saying nerf them, I'm saying give the other Heroes a bit of relevance.Solo Play Balance; I have made many, many posts about this because I feel very strongly about this. I want to play solo, I do not want other people in my group if I don't wish to. But here's the kicker, if you want any sort of progression whatsoever you better find 3 people who can help and facetank mobs for because of ludacrous health pools and, here it goes, lack of Tower Speed/Range. Trendy themselves; Trendy, I swear this is so, so relevant and I strongly encourage you to do something about this. I used to valiantly defend you as developers and how well you did at communicating with the community. Now, those days are thing from pre-patch. We get so few updates on the status of this game and I'm collecting this data from Twitter/Forums/DevStreams. The hotfixes we get are actually quite few considering all the problems listed by many, many frustrated and increasingly unhappy community members. Let's tackle these one source at a time. Twitter - Out of the last 6 updates from there 1 was announcing a Hotfix and this in itself is a good update from the team, kudos. The following 4 are about the weekend event... 2 are enough for Twitter. Even then that's pushing it. Lastly in my list is telling us "Hey guys, go watch the Devsteam!" and now we will discuss that. Developer Stream - People actually look forward to these, myself included, however probably not for the reason you guys pride yourself on. We watch in hopes that maybe, just maybe, there's something interesting being worked on or close-by for us as players to get excited about because that feeling is very few and far between anymore. But no, that's not how the streams go. Let's take DevStream30 as an example; utter crap. I'm sorry but that's how it was perceived and I know I am not alone in this mindset. The main headlines were "Okay guys so it seems like the community, based on the forums, is most interested in 'social features'". Uhm, no. You skimmed through several pages of USEFUL questions such as all the points mentioned above in the post but instead you choose 6 out of the 10 answered questions to be on social features? That's ridiculous that you would waste your time, and ours, talking about that. Next question, 2 or 3 were on Shellium Shards which is a good topic but only needed picked once to discuss because the rest of the time you guys giggled and said "Oh haha, another Shellium Shard question" - which, as another point, if the question is so common, hey maybe it's a worthwhile question to take some time answering and explaning other than "Whoops, not working as intended, our bad". Honestly, people watch your stream because they're hoping to go get some sort of inkling that maybe a useful patch is nearby but based on the attitude and approach taken in those streams, I'm becomming more and more doubtful as the weeks go by. Forums - This is what most bothers me. Who knows even if this thread will be viewed by a Dev or a CM, maybe it's luck based? Regardless the activity here is appalling. Not only are responses once every day, if we are lucky, but they are also completely loose and open to interogation. Almost always involving "Don't worry guys, we're looking into it!" or "We know that's an issue, it's on our list." At no point is there any useful information to relax the community into thinking maybe you guys have some sense of organisation. This needs resolved because you're letting a lot of people down. Post Free Play Difficulties/Gamemodes; Alas, just as broken and anti-solo as you can possibly get. By this point in my wall of text I'm frustrated and wondering if I've wasted my time typing all of this out but I'll continue to give it the final conclusion it deserves. It would be nice to see something get finished properly for once. Please fix this, it needs resolved. Other Problems; * XP scaling * Uber Spheres are almost all garbage. * Spheres in general have so many issues. * Pets - The list here would be too long in itself. * Fun - Maybe one day you guys will bring it back? * Tower Defense Speed/Range - As much as you guys state "oh, it will be better than before", 90% of the community despise the changes and if you want them to keep playing try COMMUNICATING WITH THEM. * Daily bugs * etc * etc * etc * etc Conclusion; I truly am an advocat of this game but doing so is becomming increasingly difficult as every day kept in the dark is getting harder and harder. I hope people out there understand my points and if you survived to the end of the post then I suppose you're one of the people who do care and do love this game despite what the developers are doing to try and convince you otherwise. The arguments of course are; * It's still pre-alpha * It's a lot of changes *The game is good, shut up * <Some other useless reason that people can't back up> All of these points have merit but honestly do not justify what has happened over the past few weeks. They simply are teetering on the edge of being lost in the Steam bargain bin that people might get one of their freinds as a gag-gift. TL:DR; Trendy - Communicate with your fanbase or you will lose them extremely quickly. Those which you haven't lost already.
  9. It's okay, the loot is garbage anyway
  10. Exotic

    iPWR ?

    You are defending Trendy a little too valiantly here. The current ipwr system is broken. Yes some common sense should be used, but some common sense should have been applied to the ipwr algorithm as well. Don't blanket the players as being stupid when clearly a dev screwed up here. I'm not defending them. Item power/item level works practically the same across most every game. I have no problems with the current incarnation, and have had zero problems finding upgrades while playing, due to me knowing specific stats I want, instead of blindly following what the thumbs up/down is. Try not to get too defensive here. He is right in the sense that iPwr is done poorly. You also have a valid argument that the system is sound, for most games. But the current implementation Trendy have used is shockingly bad, it's fairly obvious xD
  11. None. They're all a bunch of nonsense. Pretty annoying to be constantly punished for having decent gear. Negativity aside; there are huge problems with balance but I'm sure they'll get around to it
  12. So much agreement. I disagree with one part where you say it's not their fault, per se. Becuase that was in reference to the forum questions they answered on stream. They had a multitude of posts asking serious, genuine questions but they selected about 6 based on Social Interaction and 2 on Shellium Shards? That is their fault, they easily could've picked helpful ones instead of wasting 20 minutes on stream giggling about how "yet another" person wants social features.
  13. This is due to the ridiculously absurb iPwr scaling. Which they will hopefully be addressing in a very soon hotfix. I can't describe how frustrating the downscaling is.
  14. 100% agree. Please check the Dev forum regarding Solo Play Balance, I left a detailed post highlighting everything you've just said. I support the idea entirely. +1 to post
  15. The entire premise of lowering iPwr is stupid, honestly. If you're overgeared and what to have fun on an easier map by stomping it, why shouldn't you be able to? If you're geared in Nightmare IV gear, why should you be allowed to stomp a Normal Onslaught? I really think it's the wrong approach for 'fun'. Yeah, so the super geared people could, in theory, barrage their way through monthly challenges and stuff but again, why shouldn't they be able to? I truly don't believe you should be punished for being in good gear. It slows the game down soooo much. Especially since Tower Speed/Range went rip. DD1 (pre-hax) was still super fast paced and felt like you were a monster late game. Now it just feels slow and dull, there is no satisfaction currently imho. Hope it gets changed </3
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