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  1. Agree with pretty much everything besides making summoner op... that would surely be the last nail in the coffin. I have some issues with DD2 and those are: Lack of depth on towers, the combo system is bad joke, towers are WAY more dumber and less useful than DD1 and we have one less option of tower also. Lack of depth on map layouts... most layouts are really really bad, they are too simple and have to much DU Lack of depth on Mobs, almost every mobs are the same the only threats are Ogress and Suicide bombers, bring back the Dark elf player hunters, bring back the spiders, but do not rest
  2. 40M for wave it's a JOKE... you have to play some serious 3hours(first waves give some 8 to 10Millions) of NM survival to farm 200M mana... then you QUIT THE GAME and upgrade 10 LVLS or LESS on your 200+ weap... GUYS 200^ stuff its not about MILLIONS but about BILLIONS. YOU CAN'T FARM BILLIONS in a straight row because the mana cap is 200 MILLIONS. Pets and Halloween Weps go over 4 Billion mana to upgrade... just try to farm it the game is getting ridiculous... i have 550 hours of gameplay and some 200 hours were spent farming mana (afk shops for 20hs or more) something is getting really wro
  3. Trendy NEED to change the actual Upgrade System... It's broken, in order to upgrade ONE you to farma endless hours and open AFK shops or EDLESS hours .... I'm ok with Froh's suggestion about Weapons come with FULL upgrated DAMAGE and some MINOR upgrade slots to FIX/PERSONALIZE your weapon...something like all weapons comin with 100% but some will come with less clip size or less block or less Projectiles... so you can always upgrade this and that at your choice.
  4. I personally would like to see trendy come up with a way to make survival more accessible to the serious player who doesnt have time for a 10+ hour game. Something like capping the number of mobs In a wave but making their stats increase dramatically would preserve the difficulty without making the endgame inaccessible for a person with a job and a family to attend to. IMO a game of survival should take at most 3 hours to complete. survival with capped mob number and with mob stats increase already exist and its in the game... The name of it is Ubber Monster Fest
  5. how to fix it. Reduced DU cost in ALL squire defenses by 1. Fixed retarded AI in harpoons. Increase defenses health by 20% if squire who built it stay in combat phase.
  6. they need to CAP upgrade costs at 1.000.000 ans nothing else. Yesterday i upgraded my monk wep... 214 ups =1.800.000.00 manathat was JUST RETARDED. I can't even sell it and regain part of the money back... because the crap CAP(200.000.000)
  7. I don't find spiders that bad. Yes, the aoe web is annoying, but properly set towers kill them before they web more than 1 tower. What I do think needs a nerf is the ridiculous ogre HP's. 3 million+ HP while solo in the game is NOT okay, at least not when damage is already nerfed to 30% from all sources and strength drain aura is effectively capped at 50%. 1 can be taken care of with a good app guardian. 2+ becomes near impossible to manage without hacked levels of gear. true . .
  8. Lolque? How much time are you people wasting leveling using survival? I leveled from 70(starting at 4mil exp) to 74(18.4mil odd?) in about 1.6 hours in insane glitter(solo btw), talk about inefficient use of your time(unless you wanted more mana than exp.) @ OP: Learn to farm efficiently and stop crying, it's not that hard, you gain exp faster with insane glitter runs and setup time only takes 1 wave and two build phases to complete and then you can switch to your char. I don't even have to switch when i'm leveling... all my old(12)70 chars had FULL upgraded sets of Ubber monster fest gear
  9. You guys forgot about the hackers and the economy.... some guys did survival Myst forest wave 30 hardcore(new mode) 2 hours after it being released... then they came here and showed up their loot... Trendy is for sure giving a **** about that. You can buy 180^ weps for less than 10.000.000 because hackers farm it in ultra insane amounts(for them is like torn items). D3 is coming bro, d3 is coming... Just wait a little more.
  10. It's 6 Glitter Insane runs to wave 15 from 0 to 74. If you use that controller thingy I posted — it's 12 runs for 8 heroes. I wouldn't say it's too much... But it DOESN'T MATTER. It's still a fail in terms of game design. Because it's still just boring grind and nothing else. And it could be much more fun. i get 2.000.000 XP for each perfect glitter insane run... it toke me 7.5 RUNS to go to 70 to 74... how do you get 3.000.000 xp for each glitter run ? PS: i do it with "the controller thing" anyways... leveling is boring, Myth should be LVL 71... so we can lvlup while playing NM... f
  11. hmm... that guy has one of the most rare pets(animus with high upgrades) with 200^... yes he probable has only 100 hero damage. Good tip you gave to him.
  12. lower the upgrade cost back to what it was in the beginning. This will fix a loot of issues
  13. Wait, the apprentice can autofire? How do I enable these shenanigans? Stop trolling... Who in the earth doesn't know about that ???
  14. i'm sad all my friends quite DD... I become legendary defender barely alone... but i can't become a Mythical defender without partners... man, that is sad...
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