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  1. Awesome thanks for the response glad to know for sure it’s still in the works, don’t mind how long it will take just as long as it’s still coming
  2. I’m sure people ask all the time so sorry in advance but I’ve been searching everywhere for even the slightest update on if dda will still even make it to ps5 and have found nothing. is there any sort of info at all on this, estimated release date? Is this still even coming out on ps? One of my favorite games to play with friends and we’re all dying for the PlayStation release
  3. I was a huge fan of DD 1 and am dying to start up DD2 however, i don't want to play when it's still not finished and having character wipes. just curious if this game is going to actually have an official release date or is going to just continue as it is with periodic updates, changes and wipes? and if so do you guys think it's worth holding out or is there enough current content to start up now. I'm sure this is a discussion every day but i've been trying to browse around for some info on this and couldn't come up with anything. Also if it is going to have a release date do we have the s
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