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  1. Hy just a question about some shard of the gunwitch when they speak about "snipe" Example: "increase crit chance of snipe" - "snipe critical hits restore broom power"... Do they speak about secondary attack (sniper mode) or normal attack? Thanks
  2. No i don't have. I'm on Ps4
  3. Can we play two player on the same PS4 with split screen?
  4. I just come back on the update and i have a problem with the description of mutators it's too small i can read! So if players who doesn't have this problem or trendy can give the list of mutators with the description it will be nice. Thanks
  5. Hi, i Start this game. What is the % with the weapon for monk and squire. I understand difference between light medium and heavy but i dont know what is the %
  6. Not yet on ps4. I dont know if it's release on pc
  7. You have to kill special boss (not the ogre) they appear with a "?" on there life bar. U have to hit them with your hero, if not it doesn't count.
  8. Does rate attack sphere are useful for frosty mage? Does affect the frosty tower?
  9. Start a squire for barricade it Will be easier. If you Want solo in higher difficulty you Will need a mage with frosty power aptitude and a trap huntress
  10. Does gold pet have better stat than a legendary ?
  11. Me too i never found a good legendary too. 2or 3 chest by day and always crap never good combinaison stat and passive :/
  12. Ah ok i never try onslaught, i will try thank you
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